How To Buy a Surprise Birthday Gift

Husband surprising his wife

Everybody expects gifts during their birthdays, but an extra element of surprise sure kicks the special and memorable meter up a notch.  Nothing feels more heartwarming than a special gift that has been well-thought-of, and prepared to ultimately make the celebrant feel ultra-special.  But thinking of what birthday gifts to give to a celebrant is already too much of a cerebral exercise— not to mention a surprise gift that will surely knock his socks off?  Here are some tips on picking that perfect surprise gift for the occasion:

  1. Age-appropriate.  Of course, every gift needs to fit the one who will receive it.  Make sure you’re choosing a gift that is age-appropriate.  If the celebrant is a child, opt for things suitable for their age.  Leave more mature gifts to the older folks, who will surely appreciate the humor, even toilet ones.
  2. Know the celebrant well.  The key to giving the best surprise gift is making it very personal.  Know the person very well—what are her desires in life?  What are her dreams?  Does she yearn for anything she probably can't afford or have?  Get to know the celebrant better, and you may just get that perfect idea that will surely knock her off her feet.
  3. Hints.  Some people will drop hints regarding the present they want.  Some would even go the extra mile of creating their own wish list!  Always be wary of occasional dropped hints, and make sure to learn how to read between the lines—your friend may just be saying something he’s not willing to utter explicitly.
  4. Social networks.  Look up his social networking accounts.  Does his current status message give you an idea of what he wants for his birthday?  Or is he secretly stressing over something, maybe he needs relief?  A person’s blog or social networking account is a great way of looking inside his mind, which is basically a treasure trove of surprise gift ideas.
  5. Friends.  Nobody knows better about a person’s life than his close friends.  Consult some of his friends to see if he’s mentioned anything he’s recently pining for, or ask them what he wants to have in life.  You just might get some pretty valuable insight.
  6. Needs.  Of course nothing beats giving the celebrant what he needs the most.  Try to find out if your friend needs something in her life—a day off at the spa, perhaps?  Or a new shirt?  How about a hair makeover?  But this one’s tricky, since what you deem necessary for another person may be different for them.  So, best to confirm if she really needs these things.
  7. Mission: cover-up!  Of course the most essential part of the surprise is keeping things hush-hush.  If he asks you what you got him for his birthday, try and act as if you haven’t picked anything yet.  Also, tell anyone you’ve talked with to keep things under the rug until after the celebrant’s birthday.  Make sure to cover all your tracks so he won’t be on to you.  If the celebrant is close to you or lives with you, make sure he doesn’t suspect anything weird going on.  Schedule shopping trips at a time he’s at work, or when he’s sleeping.  Remember, it’s important that he won’t get a clue about things so he’ll be totally surprised during the big reveal.

Cooking up surprises for a birthday celebrant can be as much fun for you as it ultimately is for the one celebrating the birthday, so make sure to enjoy your shopping and planning to the fullest.


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