How To Celebrate Thanksgiving

As one of the most prominent holidays in the US, Thanksgiving is a special day to give thanks for the good things in our lives, and celebrating Thanksgiving can be done in many different ways and forms.  Here's some suggestions in how to spend this special day.

For those with family, it's typical to plan to celebrate Thanksgiving with your loved ones.  To plan this, you can get together with your family members beforehand or make some phone calls if you live far away, and plan where you will be celebrating Thanksgiving and at what time.  Typically, the person with the largest home does the hosting while the other family members bring dishes to go along with the meal.  Some families choose to celebrate Thanksgiving at a different family member's home each year.  Once you've decided whose house you'll be headed to, determine what time you want to plan your meal, and what dishes you'll be able to bring. This is the same way for larger and smaller families.

If you're not close to family or live far away and are not able to get together, getting together with close friends or co-workers may be the way you've chosen to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Whether it's a large group of friends, or a small Thanksgiving dinner party, choosing to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends can be a stress-free way to spend your day.  Many people are as close to their friends as their family, and you can spend the day laughing and talking or catching a football game on TV.  Before Thanksgiving, meet together with friends and choose whose house you'll be dining at and decide what they would like you to bring.  If you choose to do it at your own home, lay out a menu of what foods you would like to make, and give your friends a few choices for them to bring.  There is always the traditional Thanksgiving menu of a turkey, mashed potatoes or stuffing, and a vegetable or you can choose to do something exotic.  During this season there are many different cooking shows that display different Thanksgiving menus for you to choose from.  You can also look online for different, tasty recipes.

Lastly, while there are many people around the world who have more than enough, there are more and more people who are in need.  Consider spending your Thanksgiving or at least part of it at a local food shelter dishing out food to the needy or going to a nursing home to spend time with an elderly person who is all alone.  This is truly the perfect way to realize just how much you have to be thankful for.


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