How To Choose Halloween Decorations

Among holidays, Halloween is a favorite time of the year for young and old alike.  Part of the fun of Halloween is decorating.  Stores stock up with lots of decorations for people to choose from.

There are many different themes and characters you can choose from to decorate your home.  To start decorating the inside of you home, consider by starting with a cute welcome mat.  You can find welcome mats with pictures of black cats, witches, ghosts, pumpkins and vampires on them to welcome your guests and trick-or-treaters.  There are even special welcome mats that play an eerie sound or music when someone steps on them.  For the inside of your home, you can next decorate the kitchen or dining room table by getting tablecloth and placemat set with special designs.  Complete the look with a center piece of a festive bowl of candy or a cute candle shaped like a ghost or a pumpkin.  To add special touches throughout the house, you can add special Halloween signs, pictures or candles here and there.  Children in particular love Halloween, so you can have them help you pick out the decorations and let them decorate their bedroom as well.

Decorating the outside of your home can be really fun. Stores sell special outdoor decorations just for the outside to spook up the outside decor of your yard.  You can spread fake spider webs all over your porch or mailbox. Fake tombstones are another popular choice made with funny sayings on them or ones that play music to greet people.  There are even fake coffins with creepy things sticking out of them like fake arms and hand or a "mummy."  Other Halloween decorations that will get a rise out of your guests are special "ghosts" that can be rigged to fly down when someone walks into your yard.  You can also choose some pretty lights to decorate your yard in bright orange colors. Probably the most popular choice of decorations for Halloween are jack-o-lanterns.  Children enjoy carving these and making different faces on them. Adults can have fun with this as well, with intricate designs and pictures. There are also fake jack-o-lanterns that you can buy that have lights on the inside. These are great for lining your yard or porch.

Prices for Halloween decorations can vary depending upon where you purchase them and what all they do.  Shop around and see what great decorations you can find for your home!


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