Even though some of us are frenzied and insane during the month of December, nearly everyone seems to look forward to this magical time of year. Something about the snowflakes on the sidewalk, the unique smell of wrapping paper and tape, and the heart-warming sounds of our favorite Christmas carols makes Christmas one of the most special holidays of the year.

As you're walking through the mall shopping for gifts, you might sing along to "Silent Night" while you check people off of your gift list or plan the next batch of Christmas cookies you'll make. Your season might include timeless family decorations all over your house or precious traditions that occur only once a year. Christmas time means stacks of Christmas cards, family Christmas photos, and lots of talk about the infamous Santa Claus. There are wish lists and shopping lists, to-do lists and ingredient lists.

Christmas is a time to enjoy yourself and those around you - it's a time to celebrate family and friends, the beautiful season and the delight of sharing and giving. Though you may feel busy with all that must be accomplished, the Christmas parties that need to be attended, or the food that still needs to be prepared, Christmas should provide a time for you to relax and enjoy all the gifts you've been given as well as spend memorable time with those you love.

You'll find that these articles offer you many ideas for making your Christmas more fun and festive. Whether you're stumped for ideas for your next Christmas party or you're looking for new family traditions and creative gift ideas, you've come to the right place. So before you set off into the craziness of this holiday season, take the time to browse our articles and start your planning off on the right foot.

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