How To Come up with Costume Ideas

Halloween is the best time of year.  You get to be a kid all over again, and play dress-up.  If you are taking your children trick-or-treating, going out on the town, or throwing a Halloween party, don't feel like you have to spend a fortune to create a great costume.  Here are some great tips on how to stand out, even on Halloween.

First, think of a theme.  If your child is into a particular superhero or comic book character, wear something that goes along with it.  Or you can try dressing the family in the style of a favorite book or film.  You could also try dressing up in fashions from a particular decade. The 50s housewife, 60s hippie--you get the idea.  If you are looking for a couples costume idea, you can go as famous lovers, or infamous enemies.  There are thousands of options, and with a little effort you'll find yourself getting creative.

If you are in need of some inspiration, raid your local thrift store.  Some of the larger chain resale stores even have Halloween sections.  You'll be amazed at what you can find.  Simply browsing through the aisles can make your imagination run wild with fun ideas for not only you, but your children as well.  Why not try the ever-popular hobo look, or maybe a pirate or a gypsy.  Whatever you can think of, you'll find at these stores for a great price.

Find inspiration in current events and celebrity gossip.  Watch your local news, cable news, or pick up a magazine to get some ideas.  Dress up as the hot celebrity of the moment, or a scandalous politician.  Play with this idea a little.  If someone is in the news for being pregnant, exaggerate your belly.  Dress up in a suit and tie, cover yourself with dirt, and go as a famous "dirty" politician.  Be warned, these can sometimes be tricky costumes to pull off.  Make sure that you don't go too over the top or you might offend someone.

Last, and definitely not least, if you are really stuck, go as an old favorite.  You cannot go wrong with dressing up as a vampire, a witch, or a ghost. These costumes have stood the test of time for a reason.  You may think that this is a boring alternative, but it doesn't have to be.  Put your own unique flavor into the look. Reinvent the vampire, the clown, the cowboy, and so on.  Just remember, have fun with it.


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