How To Dress for New Year's Eve

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New Year's Eve parties are an exciting and fun way to kick off the New Year.  Whether you're keeping it small with a group of a few friends or family members, or if you're going to something larger like a party at work, you're probably wondering what you should wear to this event.  There are a few different things to consider before you go shopping such as if this event will be more formal or casual, and how much you want to spend.

If your place of employment is hosting a New Year's Eve party, it will more than likely be semi-formal.  This means a nicer dress for women and a shirt and tie for men or the equivalent.  There are many great dresses out there to choose from for a New Year's Eve party.  You can choose a short, fun dress with thin straps or a long, fitted dress to show off your figure.  Make sure and get some shoes to match. These should compliment the outfit, but still be comfortable to wear for a few hours at a time since you'll be bringing in the New Year. You can complete the look with some great accessories such as earrings and a necklace. These dresses can be found at different women's store or juniors' clothing stores.

For men, consider choosing some khaki or dress pants with a button up dress shirt and tie or vest.  You can find these at lots of different apparel shops.  Men can choose a decent pair of jeans or khakis and a polo shirt. 

For a more casual event, you can go with several different options.  For an evening at a friend's house, you'll still want to look attractive and somewhat dressed up.  For women this can include a fun dress, some black pants and a dressier shirt or even some nice designer jeans and a dressier shirt or sweater. Jeans and pants are a more practical choice, and you might feel more comfortable in these.  When choosing a shirt to go with them, you'll want something that looks classy and attractive.  Consider choosing one made out of silk or satin.  For those who like it, you can also choose a shirt that's got some detailing like beading, or one that is made out of sparkly material.  Bright colors can be fun too.  To complete this look, just add some fun shoes.

All of the above clothing can be found at clothing stores.  If you need to stay within a budget, you can always consider shopping at a thrift store or consignment shop.


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