How To Find Common New Year's Resolutions

With the New Year approaching, our mind turns to new resolutions for the up coming year. Many people have high hopes for more money, better relationships, new jobs and a healthier life.

If you are seeking a New Year's resolution, turn to your peers. At this time everyone is making resolutions from last year or creating new ones.

Each person's resolution will differ from the next. The most common ones are to lose weight, quit smoking, find a better job and to make more money. Some people start right away after their celebrations end or on January first as it is the beginning of the New Year. This is one reason why you will see introductory gym membership's decrease, smoking cessation programs start up and people searching for more fulfilling jobs.

In looking for a resolution for your New Year you must first decide what you are willing to change. Do you not like that you have gained 5 lbs last year? How about spending too much money on frivolous things such a new shoes? Perhaps you want to spend more time with your family. Once you have identified your resolution you must next decide on a timeline. How long you wish to change your behavior if up to you. Setting a short term goal for most people helps them feel like the resolution is more attainable. If you wanted to lose weight, first set a monthly goal. This should be something you can foresee yourself doing fairly easily. It could start by walking every night and eating more vegetables and fewer fats.

The third thing is acting upon your goal. You have already decided what you want to do and how to do it. The next step (and probably the hardest) is DOING IT. You must make decisions that will help you achieve your goal and allow you to keep doing it, making it a habit to walk every night with your dog.

The last step is continuing to follow thorough. Having your habits set in place is merely keeping things in motion. It keeps that momentum going and in no time you will be reaching that New Year's resolution and finding ways to achieve another one next year.


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