How To Find Halloween Costumes for Couples

It's Halloween, and you are your sweetie have a night of fright in store. But what are you going to wear? You've gone as famous lovers from history, and your favorite movie duo. These choices just seem too boring, and you want to give your friends and family a real treat. This is the year to stand out, and here is how to achieve this goal by finding Halloween costumes for couples.

  • Why not dress in a traditional couple's Halloween costume, but stir it up a little. Go as a famous, or infamous, pair of lovers. But instead of using straight forward period costumes, why not make a statement by showing what these figure would look like two months after they died? Or they could be the zombie counterparts of their former selves? Whatever you choose, go all out. The gorier and nastier, the better. The idea is to shock people.
  • Instead of dressing in Halloween costumes meant for couples, why not dress as foes instead of friends. There are thousands of famous rivalries throughout history, choose any you find intriguing. If you have the time, do some research on these characters. You'll really be able to play the part more convincingly if you can mimic an accent or memorize a well known catch phrase. Superheroes and their rivals are an easy choice if you have limited time. You'll be able to find the attire to fit this pairing at just about any costume shop, or chain store.
  • Opposites attract, and this is also true when it comes to finding Halloween costumes for couples. Go as peanut butter and jelly, ketchup and mustard, yin and yang, etc. This is a great idea if you want to get really creative. Look for inspiration all around, not just the fridge or your own back yard. If you're stumped, organize a brainstorming session with your significant other and your best friends. Maybe these couples are having trouble coming up with a Halloween costumes of their own?

Have fun this Halloween. Whichever costumes you choose, remember that this is the one night of the year when all bets are off. Be outrageous, be over the top, and especially, be the life, or death, of the party!


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