How To Get Thanksgiving Recipes

If you're looking for Thanksgiving Day recipes that will make your guest's mouth water, you've got plenty of places to search.

Many "secret recipes" are passed down from previous generations, so the first person you should ask is your mom, grandmother, or aunt. Chances are one or more of them has a recipe that has a proven track record for earning that winning question, "How in the world did you make this?"

If you've already gotten recipes from your family, but still need more, the Internet holds the key to a wealth of yummy recipes. You just need to know where to look.

Whether you're a gourmet cook, or this is your first time in the kitchen, the Food Network has something to suit every cook, on every budget. Simply go to and enter the keyword "Thanksgiving" in the search box, and you'll be on your way to finding that perfect turkey, gravy or side dish recipe. Each recipe is ranked by difficulty and gives you the cooking time so you know right away if it's a recipe for your skill level and whether it's something you can whip up quickly, if that's your goal. You can even see video demonstrations!

Another great website is Enter "Thanksgiving" in the search box and you'll be shown a whole slew of choices. You can search recipes by dietary restrictions in case you have a guest on a low sodium or wheat-free diet, and you can look for vegan recipes, too. even let's you narrow down the recipe choices by the type of cuisine you want to cook. Do you want to impress your Italian mother-in-law? You can find a Thanksgiving recipe to help you do that! Another neat feature is that you can search for the perfect wine to accompany your dish. Talk about one-stop shopping!

If you've got kids, it's fun to get them involved in the festivities. At, keyword "Thanksgiving," you can search for kid-approved recipes, and even find recipes that are easy enough so you can invite little hands to help out. This fun website also has a section for Thanksgiving Day crafts that kids can do at the table while mom or dad cook nearby in the kitchen.

Whatever your needs, chances are these three websites will give you plenty of ideas and recipes to help make your Thanksgiving dinner fun and memorable.


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