Halloween Costume Ideas

You've been racking your brain all year for the perfect idea for your Halloween costume. Nothing is worse than walking into a party wearing the same costume as someone else. Can anyone say Dark Knight? You swear that this year will be different. So, hang that blockbuster villain in the closet, pack Fred and Wilma away in the attic, and let the ideas flow like the Halloween genius that you are.

Halloween is the only time of year we can literally be someone else. Go with it. Think about the books and movies you like. Alfred Hitchcock movies are a goldmine of costume ideas.

Do you have any hobbies? If you're an avid gardener you be The Crazed Gardener sowing the seeds of evil. If you want to feel glamorous, maybe Halloween is the perfect excuse to splurge on that little dress you've been eying up. Be a beauty queen, or a starlet.

Thrift stores are the Holy Grail of costume hunters.

If you're going to party, would it be fun to go as the host, or another friend attending?

Costume ideas are everywhere. Pick a closet, any closet. A friend, family member, or even your own. How many of us have a virtual time capsule shoved in the back of our closets?

Invent your own super hero. What powers would you possess?

Be a plain clothes officer and interrogate your friends about the whereabouts of the salsa.

Get topical. Go out in your best interview clothes and handout a funny, gag resume, or a predatory lender and make outrageous deals with candy.

Personify a song or poem. Dress up like a raven, and squawk "Nevermore!" all night.

Don't be afraid to let other holidays make a cameo. A Christmas antler headband can easily make you into a "Deer Stuck in the Headlights," or Easter's bunny ears can give you a simple "Were-rabbit" costume.

Of course, there are Halloween stores to buy packaged costumes. These places are great for accessories, make-up, and ideas. Prepackaged costumes are only recommended for the truly desperate, as an absolute last resort. You can create  your own great costume with just a bit of thought, and a little time. Remember, have fun with it. Just stay away from obvious trends, and with the use of your imagination, you're sure to be a hit at the next party. Halloween costumes are only limited by your ideas.


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