How To Buy a Bicycling Jersey as a Gift

Buying presents for birthdays, Christmases and other special occasions can really stretch your imagination too far, and sometimes you run out of ideas. The best way to find the best gift for someone is to get to know his hobby or favorite sport, then purchase something related to that sport or hobby. If the receiver of your gift is a cycling enthusiast, then buying him a bicycling jersey as a gift is a good idea.

The first important thing you need to do when buying a bicycling jersey is to find out the kind of weather that the cyclist will be riding in. If the weather in his area is warm, then you can go for the short sleeved ones, otherwise, a long sleeved jersey or a bicycling jacket will be more appropriate. Also choose the appropriate material. A stretchable material is good but you can also choose one that has the ability to absorb sweat. Some jerseys have zippers in front that can be pulled down when it becomes too hot. Choose a jersey with a big enough zipper that can be gripped and zipped up or down even while the bike is running.

Once you have decided what kind of jersey to buy, find out the appropriate size. Unlike a basketball jersey where a person wears one that is about a size bigger, a bicycling jersey should fit just right and should not be too loose. This is to avoid too much friction and pull by the wind. If the jersey is too loose, it will function like a sail on a sail boat, pulling the rider back.

For cold weather, you can include a base layer or a vest with the jersey. Vests can replace a jacket, and since it does not have sleeves, it will be less added weight to the rider.

When giving the jersey out as a gift, consider the color and design. The rider may have a preference for bright colors and stripes. He may also prefer a plain colored jersey. It is best to choose a  color other than white since a bike rider can get really dirty. Bright colors are good so the rider will be very visible on the road during the day.

You can also personalize the jersey by placing his name or his favorite number at the back, much like a basketball jersey. It is best to use a reflector zed paint for the jersey name or number so the rider can use it at night and be safe on the road. If you think the rider does not want his name on his jersey, you can opt for another design, like some stripes or pattern.

Once you have chosen the right jersey for your gift, you can wrap it with a gift wrapping paper, or you can buy a small sling bag made of cloth and place the bicycling jersey inside. This way, you have given two useful gifts: the bicycling jersey and the sling bag that the rider can use on his road trips.


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