How To Carve a Pumpkin Easily

In October a lot of people so look forward to lots and lots of candies, trick or treating, pumpkin pies, Halloween parties and jack-o-lanterns, and busy preparing for this wonderful holiday. If you have kids, for sure they already have their costumes and you have a schedule for your trick and treating time.

Halloween really is one of the great holidays in the year because lots of interesting goings-on are happening during this time plus it’s a prelude to the Thanksgiving season.  You need to take time to prepare your Halloween treats. You might want to plan on holding a grand and fun Halloween party in your home for family and friends. You need to prepare your Halloween decorations. Normally for Halloweens, a jack-o-lantern is always a normal fixture. Have you tried carving a pumpkin before or is this your first time? If this is your first time then read on to get some tips on how you can easily carve up your Halloween pumpkin.

  1. Gather all the materials that you would need for this project. Make sure that you have them all on your work table so that later on, you won’t need to go somewhere because you forgot a certain tool or material. List down all that you would need like a pumpkin, glass or candle votive, carving tools, spoon or scoop and lots of persistence and patience and then choose a good-sized pumpkin.
  2. Make sure the knives or knife you will be using is really sharp so that you won’t have any problems with carving out your pumpkin. Normally a hole is sliced at the pumpkin’s top but it’s actually better if you cut the hole at its bottom so that you won’t have any problems with lighting it later on. Depending on what you are most comfortable with, first make a hole either at the bottom or top part of your pumpkin.
  3. Use a big spoon or big scooper to take out the pumpkin’s insides. You could save the seeds to make them into a delicious recipe later.
  4. Search for a design template. You can search for a design online and just print it out on a paper. You need to have a paper design because you will have to trace the design on your pumpkin. After you’ve found your design, use washable markers to trace the design on your pumpkin.
  5. Begin carving your pumpkin using a variety of tools that will make your job easier. A dremel might come in handy for this. After you have finished carving, take off the design paper or wipe off the washable markers and then soak your pumpkin in water and let it dry in air so that your pumpkin won’t shrivel up and dry out. Also brush or apply some petroleum jelly on areas where you carved it up so they’ll not dry out.

There you now have your very own pumpkin. You just need to place a candle inside of it so that it lights up. This will make a very grand décor on your front porch. Enjoy Halloween!


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