How To Choose Classic Stocking Stuffers

Hanging stockings near the fireplace on Christmas Eve is a centuries-old tradition. Children believe - or are made to believe - that Santa Claus comes to stuff the hung stockings with goodies and small gifts such as toys, candy, or money. While you could argue about the metaphysical existence of Santa Claus, it is the parents and grown-ups who actually fill these stockings with Christmas gifts. If you want to fill those Christmas stockings with classic stuffers, then this article is for you.

Classic stuffers for Christmas stockings are usually traditional toys, traditional sweets, and money. Such stuffers are old-fashioned, and, therefore, generally do not need electricity to run, especially the toys. Being classic and traditional, they are still being produced and sold in many shops. Part of being classic and traditional is the longevity and durability of the items (except for the perishables and consumables) so that they can be handed down from one generation to the next. If you have such items that you received from your own parents or grandparents, you might want to hand them down in a similar manner to your own children.

  • Younger children usually appreciate the classics better than the older children. One plausible reason for this is that younger children are easily enamored by toys and gadgets that require them to use their hands when manipulating the items.
  • Jacks and marbles are examples of classic toys that you can stuff those stockings with. They are widely available in many gift shops, both traditional and modern. They usually come in sets. Jacks, for example, include a rubber ball and ten jacks. 
  • Another timeless plaything that you can throw in is Slinky. It is basically a spring that can “walk” down a flight of stairs by stretching and contracting with the assistance of gravitational pull. Traditional Slinky is made of metal, but the more modern versions are also available in plastic.
  • Magic 8-Ball is one more classic toy that you can add to your children’s stockings. It looks like an oversized billiard ball with the number 8 printed on the surface. The Magic 8-Ball is a fortune-telling toy. You ask it a yes or no question, and it will give you an answer when you look at its underside.
  • Playing cards are also toys that have not lost their appeal to either young or old. You might want to buy a standard deck of 52 cards made of durable plastic. Other traditional card games that you can also consider are Slamwich and Old Maid.
  • Wooden toys or craft supplies are also good ideas for stocking stuffers. Dominoes, wooden puzzles, alphabet wooden bricks, and rubber stamps are examples.
  • To give your stocking fillers a more traditional touch, thrown in a few mandarin or Clementine oranges. Candy canes and other chocolate-covered or chocolate-filled sweets are also considered classic. So, remember to include them among your fillers.
  • When you go shopping for stocking stuffers, buy only enough to fill the stockings completely but not to make them burst or spill out. Also, traditional Christmas stockings have one or two candy canes sticking out of the stocking’s opening.

Filling your children’s Christmas stockings with classic stuffers not only brings back nostalgic memories of past Christmases but also teach your young ones the importance of tradition and of valuing gifts given to them.


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