How To Create a Carnival Themed Birthday Party

When organizing a carnival themed birthday party, the possibilities are endless! Having a carnival for birthday motif is perhaps the most enjoyable, fun and riotous get-together of all. Children will surely have a splendid time and will all go home tired but happy after the celebration is over.

In putting up this party, you have to do your best to keep everything well organized. Children can get over-excited by the mere mention of carnival, so take care that every detail is laid in place smoothly before they come to “attack”.

Like in any other party, the basic things to consider in a carnival themed birthday party include the invitations, number of guests, venue, decorations and props, games and prizes, music and food.

It will be nice if you infuse the carnival theme in every detail. For instance, you can attach entrance tickets to the invitations to suggest that the guests are into real carnival fun. The tickets may be used when getting drinks and food or when entering entertainment booths. This way, the guests can have a real hang of a carnival place.

Next, think about the size of the venue as against the number of guests who will be coming. These two things should complement each other to make sure there is enough space for everyone and for all the activities that you plan to hold during the party.

Carnival themed birthday parties are usually held outdoors. It is advisable therefore to set up a tent for protection from sun or rain. The tent will also further enhance the carnival theme of the party because real carnivals are ordinarily housed in tents. It is also easier to decorate the place because of the enclosure that the tent provides. You can readily hang balloons everywhere, colorful flags and ribbons on the sides and above.

Serve simple food with no fussy garnishing. Comprising the guests are mostly children, so you can just imagine how much action is going to take place and they will most likely not pay much attention to eating. Finger foods like hotdogs, cookies, barbecues and fruit slices are very convenient to serve because they don’t cause much mess.

The most fun in carnival themed birthday parties, of course, is derived from the games for everybody. You can actually have two sets of games: one for the adults and one for the kids. Make sure there are ample prizes for the winners. To add more thrill, you may hire a magician or clown to conduct the games.

Aside from the prizes for game winners, try to prepare some party tokens for everyone to take home. Again, you can bring in the carnival theme of the party by coming up with tokens such as mini merry go rounds, clown figurines or anything that suggests a carnival.

Lastly, you can turn your carnival themed birthday party into a costume party by asking the guests to dress in any street party costume they wish to wear.


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