How To Create a Skeleton Costume

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Are you looking for an easy costume to make for your little one this Halloween? A skeleton costume is an easy inexpensive choice that can be made in just a matter of hours. You can make this great costume for either children or adults for between $25-$30 on average. So gather your supplies and lets get started.

Supplies You Will Need:

  • Black sweatshirt (or long-sleeve black tee)
  • Black sweatpants (or black jeans or pants)
  • an old white sheet
  • Black marker
  • fabric glue
  • Glow in the dark puffy paint
  • Black shoes
  • white face paint

Skeleton Costume Assembly:

  1. First wash the black pants and shirt and dry thoroughly. Most sweat outfits are 100% cotton and tend to shrink some. Consider this when buying these to ensure the proper fit. This is especially important when purchasing for a child. Be sure to leave room for additional growth if you are making it several months before Halloween.
  2. Next you will need to sketch or print out human bones such as the rib cage, leg bones, arm bones, and so on to make a stencil. Be sure these are the correct size to fit on the costume based on whether it is being made for a child or an adult. Cut the stencils out.
  3. Take the white sheet and lay it flat. Place the bone stencil pieces flat on the sheet, spacing them out. Using the black marker, trace the stencils creating white fabric bone pieces. Cut the fabric pieces out.
  4. After laying the sweatshirt and pants out flat, place the fabric pieces on the shirt and pants where they anatomically belong; such as ribs on the front of the shirt, arm bones down the sleeves, leg bones down the front of the pant legs, etc. Using fabric glue, secure each fabric piece to the shirt and pants.
  5. Using Glow in the dark puffy paint, outline the bone pieces and allow to dry. This will give the bones a three dimensional effect and make the costume look more realistic. If you wish, you can also choose to paint the bones completely with glow in the dark paint or use white glitter to accent.
  6. On the big day, when you are ready to head out to that big party or out trick-or-treating, use white or glow in the dark face paint on the face and put on black shoes.

With this great costume, you are sure to be the hit of the party or top bone on the block. Get creative and have fun.


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