How To Creatively Use Scrapbook Paper

Now that Christmas is in the air, you may be wondering what gifts to give your loved ones. Thinking of a gift for your four-year-old niece may be easy (just buy any item which has her favorite cartoon character designed all over it), but what on earth would you give to your single aunt who is a doctor earning tons of money? She apparently already has everything money can buy, so what else could you possibly give her as a present?

One of the best things you could give in this situation would be a personalized gift that would mean more than any commercial, store-bought item. That's where scrapbook paper comes in. A personalized scrapbook would definitely be appreciated by any recipient, as long as it has been planned to fit his or her particular tastes.

Learning how to make scrapbook albums is very easy: All you need would be scrapbook paper, some scrapbooking stickers for decorations, and your scrapbook ideas. Having your scrapbook ideas would definitely make the scrapbook album easier to create: It's best that you list your ideas, including the scrapbook layouts, what each of the scrapbook pages contain, and the different photos that you put in.

If you're looking for other options, however, know that there are still other personalized gifts you could make. If you've got an abundance of scrapbook paper, that's virtually all you'll need to make other types of personalized gifts! Some ideas would include different types of origami; go to websites such as, and for free instructions and diagrams on different origami items.

What other creative gift items could be created using scrapbook paper? You could make a notepad; just put together different sizes of scrapbook paper cut according to desired size. Bind them with a binder clip on one end. Next, brush some binder glue on the other end, to attach all the pieces of paper together. You can easily tear out each paper (think of a pad of paper). You could design the scrapbook paper with pictures of the recipient or her name, so she could call it truly her own.

Apart from this, you could also make a pen holder using recycled materials (such as a medium-sized tin can) and then covering it with colorful scrapbook paper; you could also resurrect old magazine racks by decorating it and designing it with assorted scrapbook paper, along with sequins and other material. You could be extra creative with your designs; for example, you could cover the magazine rack by piecing together different colors of cut-out or torn scrapbook paper, and then glue this onto the rack. Any artistic and inventive friend that you may be planning to give this gift to would surely appreciate this.

There is almost limitless number of gifts and crafts you could create with scrapbook paper. Use it to make an autograph book, a customized organizer, a calendar, a card... and the list goes on. If you're planning to look up retailers and wholesale providers of scrapbook paper and other crafts supplies, check out the following websites:,, and

No matter which age, preference, or taste your loved one has, you would surely think of a personalized gift for him or her. Your efforts and the personal touch would definitely be appreciated. Good luck!


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