How To Decorate a Halloween Table

Halloween is a much-loved holiday for children and adults alike.  Children are excited about dressing up in costume and having the freedom to eat an outrageous amount of candy with little or no parental restrictions.  Adults often find Halloween to be a time to bring out colorful decorations and start preparing for the holiday season and all the events that usher in the fall and winter seasons.

Decorating a Halloween table presents a wide array of possibilities for the imaginative holiday planner.  Halloween is the first official holiday of the autumn season. Nature provides abundantly, with many options for free or inexpensive decorating ideas.

Start by draping your table with a solid color tablecloth in one of the favorite colors of the season: red, orange, yellow or even brown.  This solid backdrop will provide the perfect canvas for the bright and exciting holiday decorations.

Gather a few ears of Indian corn and tie this bundle with a rope to fill one corner of the table.  On the other end, consider such possibilities as a cornucopia spilling over with the fresh fruits and nuts of the harvest, a straw scarecrow dressed in a plaid farmer's shirt or an almost frightening skull that glows when lighted.  If you're inviting guests to your home, your Halloween table is the perfect setting for a punch bowl filled with a ginger ale and sherbet punch and a plate of cookies cut out and decorated to look like jack-o-lanterns.

Speaking of jack-o-lanterns, consider carving one free-hand or from a pattern available at your local craft store.  This is a very season-appropriate centerpiece and is sure to draw comments from admiring guests.

If your Halloween table will be the staging area for all of your trick-or-treat goodies when ghosts and goblins arrive on Halloween night, use your table to arrange bowls of candy bars, trays of caramel apples or gift bags of popcorn.  Maybe your ghoulish visitors can select their own favorite treats when they come to call.

Your Halloween table can easily transition into your full-service holiday table throughout the fall season.  Replace those jack-o-lanterns with a set of ceramic Pilgrims and those Halloween treats with the fixings for a Thanksgiving feast.  The ears of corn, the cornucopia and the punch bowl can serve you well throughout the season, right up to the day you prepare for the arrival of Santa Claus and decide that red and green are the colors of the day.


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