How To Decorate a Thanksgiving Table

The holidays are a time for friends and family to celebrate together. And the decorations in your home, especially around Thanksgiving, can really contribute to that warm atmosphere. Here are a few tips to help you decorate your Thanksgiving table this holiday season.

Step 1

Buy a centerpiece. Every Thanksgiving table needs a beautiful centerpiece. It should be full of the colors of the season and include lots of traditional harvest goods. You can choose to buy a pre-made centerpiece from your local craft or grocery store, or you can make one yourself. Fill a large bowl with some autumn leaves, gourds, apples, nuts, and evergreen branches. Arrange the items nicely so that all of the fall colors of brown, red, yellow and orange are visible.

Step 2

Put out some candles. Beside your beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece, place some candles. You can use two taper candles or two pillars. If you have some candle holders or candle stands for these, place these on either side of your table centerpiece. Then position your candles and consider placing some autumn leaves or garland around the base of each candle.

Step 3

Incorporate fall foods. Next, decorate the area around your centerpiece and candles with a mixture of Thanksgiving or harvest goods. Buy some gourds, apples, nuts, leaves, corncobs, small pumpkins, squash and whatever else you feel symbolizes Thanksgiving. The placement is quite easy - just spread it randomly around your centerpiece. Ensure all the gaps are filled.

Step 4

Use decorative linens. Of course, your Thanksgiving table needs to be adorned with beautiful linens. Choose a solid or patterned tablecloth and some matching placemats. Try not to make your Thanksgiving table too busy by mixing your patterns. If you can, stick to solid colors and perhaps one subtle pattern. Place out some cloth napkins at each place setting. You might even consider using Thanksgiving-themed napkin rings as well.

Step 5

Put out your best dishes. What better time to bring out your best china than at your family's Thanksgiving feast this year? You might have to dust them off and give them a thorough washing first, depending on how they've been stored. Set your table on the day you'll be hosting your Thanksgiving meal so that your dishes will stay as clean and dust-free as possible. Include a salad bowl, meal plate, coffee cup and saucer, and a dessert plate if you want.

Clean up your favorite cutlery as well. Remember to place the silverware around the plate in the order it will be used, starting from the outside with the salad fork and working your way in to finish with the meal fork. The dessert fork or spoon should be placed at the top of the plate, near the dessert plate itself. (Of course, if your family isn't very formal, just plate the cutlery on the table and they'll surely grab what they need!)

Step 6

Make up some nametags. Add a personalized touch to each seat at your Thanksgiving table this year by making nametags for each of your guests. Fold a piece of autumn-colored cardboard and use a fancy pen to write each guest's name. Then place one above each dinner plate to make your Thanksgiving table complete.


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