How To Decorate the Entrance of Your Home for Thanksgiving

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The holidays are a time to fill your home - inside and out - with holiday cheer. Let the decorations at the front of your home be the first thing your guests see. Here are some suggestions to help you bring the holiday spirit to the entrance of your house this Thanksgiving.

Step 1

Start with a wreath. You can't decorate the entrance of your home for Thanksgiving and not have a wreath. You can buy a plain wreath, make one out of wood, or you can use a grapevine wreath. Use your glue gun or floral wire to attach lots of Thanksgiving items to your wreath. You might consider including fall-colored leaves, nuts (in their shells!), pinecones, berries, a little scarecrow and so on. Anything that symbolizes Thanksgiving would be appropriate. Finish off your wreath with a beautiful bow and hang it on the outside of your door. (You will need either a really strong magnetic hook or an over-the-door wreath holder.)

Step 2

Put up some garland. Next, include some garland around the entrance of your home. You can easily make your own garland by tying small bundles of evergreen to a piece of twine using floral wire. Or, you can use store-bought garland. Although real is always better, fake garland has come a long way in recent years and will still add the right feel to your Thanksgiving décor. You can weave a strand of clear holiday lights around the garland if you like. Then place the garland around a pillar or drape it from the roof of your home's entrance.

Step 3

Buy some harvest items. Your Thanksgiving decorations around the entrance of your home wouldn't be complete without a collection of harvested goods. Visit your local farmer's market or supermarket and purchase some pumpkins, Indian corn, corn stalks and gourds. You can then choose to arrange these nicely on your front porch, at the edges of your garage, or even in your front yard by a tree. If you're able, pick up a few bales of hay too - these make an inviting little bench for all of your Thanksgiving guests, and they will really complete your harvest decorations.

Step 4

Don't forget the cornucopia! Along with all of your harvest items, a horn of plenty (or cornucopia, as it is often called), would be a great addition to the decorations at the entrance of your home. This is a small, cone-shaped basket that is traditionally filled with fruit and seasonal vegetables. Pick up a basket and fill it with small pumpkins, cobs of corn, gourds, apples and nuts. Anything that is in season around Thanksgiving time is appropriate - just ensure that it won't rot as it sits outside of the entrance of your home.

Step 5

Add a little sparkle with some lights. Some yellow, orange or clear Christmas lights are the final touch to your outdoor decorations this year. Don't go overboard - let the wreath, garland and horn of plenty be the star of the show. But position the lights in just the right places at the entrance of your home to highlight your Thanksgiving decorations this year.


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