How To Decorate Your Living Room for Thanksgiving

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Decorating your living room for Thanksgiving is especially important if you will be hosting the big Thanksgiving dinner this year, but it is even a fun thing to do to celebrate autumn if you aren’t hosting a big party. You don’t have to stick to a turkey theme; many Thanksgiving decorations incorporate fall colors without this Thanksgiving symbol. Here’s how to decorate your living room for Thanksgiving:

  1. Remove spring or summer décor. When decorating your living room for Thanksgiving, the first thing to do is to remove anything that reminds you too much of spring or summer, including pastel-colored accessories.
  2. Decorate the walls. You can decorate your living room for Thanksgiving using your kids’ seasonal art projects, or stick with fall-colored wreaths and other wall décor. You can spray paint leaves (either real or silk) in metallic gold and copper shades, and use double-stick tape to attach them to picture frames, lamp shades, and other permanent room décor to decorate your living room for Thanksgiving without having to change out all of your décor.
  3. Add Thanksgiving-themed table and bookshelf décor. Themed candles, figurines shaped liked turkeys, pilgrims, or other Thanksgiving symbols, miniature pumpkins, and similar decorations can help remind you of Thanksgiving. Stick to shades of brown, red, orange, yellow, copper, gold, and green. An easy way to add an interesting texture to your tables or bookshelves is to use these surfaces for arranging a few fallen leaves that you’ve collected from outdoors.
  4. Create your own fall-themed table decorations. Popular choices include a small basket of bucket of acorns, fall leaves, or apples, a bowl of nuts and a nutcracker, or a candleholder made from a miniature pumpkin. Be creative when making your Thanksgiving decorations.
  5. Add fall-hue textiles. Change the throw pillows on your couch to something that reminds you of the season. Consider adding a small rug to your living room; this can change the whole mood of the room quite easily. An inexpensive rug in a fall color easily creates a feeling of fall in the room. No matter your year-long color scheme, you can add a few fall colors. For example, gold or rust pillows will look seasonal, yet appropriate with couches of many different colors.
  6. Add scents. Fall potpourri or votive candles can make your home smell like the season. Popular seasonal scents include pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, vanilla, cranberry, spices, and spicy citrus. Avoid anything that smells too much like a springtime or floral scent.

Decorating your living room for Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be a big undertaking. Even adding just a few small decorations can help set the mood. You don’t need to decorate every available surface with themed décor to bring a little of the Thanksgiving spirit into your living room.


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