How To Get Halloween Emoticons

Would you like to use Halloween emoticons in your e-mail or on a blog? They can spice up your communications and Web pages and get them all dressed up for Halloween!

It takes a special program to make the images or icons commonly called "emoticons," and they're not easy to make for most of us. You can find them already made online though, and you can use many of them for free.

Halloween collections are one of the most popular holiday emoticons to be found, so you'll find several large sites which offer them. Using a good search engine like Google makes the most sense, as there are many types of collections and not all will work in every environment.

Some of the Halloween emoticon collections you'll find will be for MSN Messenger, some will be specially made for Linux operating systems, some for "Mac," and some are animated and some are not. Some are free; some are for a price; some can be downloaded singly, others are available only in complete collections. Unless you intend to use the emoticons on a commercial site, the free ones are all you need.

If you have any experience at all in downloading files, getting icons will be simple. They often come in zip files, so you'll need a zip utility such as WinZip. Put the file in a place where you can easily find it, but be sure that your software doesn't change the file type. If you try to open them in your graphics program, it may render it properly, but may rename it. The extension should be ".ico" and nothing else. For the most part, you won't need anything else to use the emoticons.

Once you have the emoticon on your computer, you can use it just like you would any other image on a blog, or you can upload and link to it on a Web page (personal Web sites only unless you purchase a user license), or use your e-mail program's insertion feature. Since there are many e-mail programs and each one works a little differently, you may need to do some sleuthing to find out how to use your Halloween emoticons within the body of a message.


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