How To Make a Christmas Stocking

Great Activity for the Family

Red Christmas stockings

Christmas stockings! Soft, beautiful and holding the potential to be stuffed with wonders and treats. Why buy one when, with a few items, you could make your own? Making Christmas stockings requires the following items:

  • Scissors
  • A large piece of paper (paper grocery bags cut open are great)
  • Pencil or chalk
  • Pins
  • Fabric of your choice (traditional colors are red for the stocking and white for the brim, but feel free to be creative)
  • Needle
  • Thread that matches your fabric choices
  • Glitter glue to write names on the stocking (optional)
  • Clean work area to lay out fabric and pattern

Once you have gathered your materials, follow these steps.

  1. Choose your fabric for your stocking bottom and brim. You could go to a fabric store and buy fabric, or you could recycle some old clothes you no longer wear or that have a damaged area. Use fabric that does not fray.
  2. Lay out your paper.
  3. Using the pencil or chalk draw the stocking templates. Christmas stockings are usually the same shape as a large sock and consist of two parts:
    • The sock part
    • The brim, which is a rectangle that will be placed at the top of the stocking.

    The brim is slightly wider that the sock part of the stocking. Don't worry if you don't get it right the first time you draw your template. Just erase your marks and try again!

  4. Add 1/4" around all sides of the sock and brim templates. The stocking will look too big but you need this extra for when you sew your pieces together. Otherwise your stocking will be much smaller than you pictured it.
  5. Cut out your template pieces.
  6. Lay out your fabric. Place your fabric face up on your work area. Then fold the fabric in half, so the back side of the fabric faces you. When you cut out your templates, you will get two identical pieces from each template.
  7. Place the template for the sock part on the corresponding fabric, as well as the brim template on its fabric.
  8. Pin the templates to the fabric.
  9. Using the pencil or chalk, trace your templates onto their fabrics. Be sure the template stays in place on the fabric.
  10. Cut out your templates. Do not remove the template, but follow the chalk/pencil line. Keep the fabric pinned together and cut carefully with clean lines.
  11. Remove the pins and the templates from the material.
  12. Put together the two sock pieces of your stocking with the back side of the fabric facing out. Place pins around the edge of the sock, about a quarter inch in from the edge. Be careful to line up the edges and do not bunch the fabric.
  13. Thread your needle. Tie a knot at the end of the needle.
  14. Stitch together your stocking using medium/small running or whip stitches. Only sew the bottom and sides of your stocking. Otherwise no candy will be able to get in! (Running stitches run in a straight line parallel to the edge, and whip stitches hold the fabric together by going over the edges.) See the below website for sewing help.
  15. At the end of your stitching, tie a knot and cut off excess thread. If the needle runs out of thread before you finish, just re-thread the needle with more thread and repeat steps 13, 14 and 15. (Be sure to knot the ends of your thread -- otherwise your stocking will fall apart!)
  16. Turn your stocking inside out. Now the good side of your material is showing.
  17. Place your brim pieces on the top of your stocking and sew them onto the base of your stocking. You can stitch from the inside of the stocking to hide your seam or your can use a matching thread so it blends into the fabric.
  18. Sew together the edges of the brim. Again , do not sew the top together , otherwise no one will be able to put in the treats.
  19. Cut out a small strip of leftover fabric.
  20. Sew the strip onto the back upper corner of your stocking into a loop. This way your stocking can be hung.
  21. Using your glitter glue, write your name on the brim. It is a good idea to practice on scrap paper first, or lightly write your name on the stocking and then trace with the glue.
  22. Let the glitter glue dry completely.
  23. Hang your stocking!

It may seem like a lot of steps, but it is really quite easy once you get started. This is an excellent activity for the whole family on cold, wintry days.


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