How To Make a Difference at the Office During the Holiday Season

Christmas is probably one of our favorite holidays. However, with New Years just around the corner, which essentially means patching up all the unfinished tasks to fulfill year-end reports, one just tends to forget all the cheer that the holiday season is supposed to bring. Doing these simple steps will make a difference at the office during the holiday season.

1. Smile. This inexpensive and very simple deed can make a big difference in your colleagues' day.

2. Make the office environment a more relaxed one. As the boss, you can probably make some small changes in the office during the holiday season. Whether you allow your employees to dress in casual clothes instead of the strict dress code, or you consent to playing some Christmas songs in the office to make the workplace more relaxed and festive, you might just see some improved productivity in your employees.

3. Organize a food drive. Talk to your colleagues about setting up a food drive. The collected items can be donated to soup kitchens in the area.

4. Collect old clothes. There are a lot of civic organizations that rely on like-minded individuals for support of various projects. Donating old clothes you have collected from your co-workers in the office can help a lot in the success of such outreach programs for the needy.

5. Organize lunch for the elderly. Nursing homes are probably one of the more gloomy places to be in during the holidays. So organizing one for the residents will be appreciated. This can be best done if everyone from the office pitches in for the food.

6. Organize a call marathon. With all the advances in technology, calling anyone from around the world is no longer costly and all that is needed are the office computer, headsets and that Internet connection. You can let the elderly guests call their loved ones without the company having to pay extra. Of course, let your boss in on the plan.

People react differently to the Christmas Season. Some get really anxious about all the preparations and expenses the holidays bring about, others get lonely for not having a loved one, while others just love it that they wish it was Christmas every day. However you want to spend it, it is always fulfilling when you share the holidays with someone.


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