How To Make a Halloween Costume in Seven Steps

Make your own costume and have a great Halloween this year!

There are so many things that you could do at home and not spend any money. One of them has to do with Halloween costumes. You might be  invited to a party every year and you can't wear the same costume twice; so, if you have some spare time, here is a simple way to get out of this impasse. Join me in making a doctor costume this year. Making your own doctor costume for the Halloween party could not be any easier.

You only need a few things, such as shower caps, elastic strands, lab and surgical coats, bones, hammers and saws made of plastic, and a few CDs. You’re one step away from finding out how easy you can put all these together and get an amazing Halloween costume.


  •  Generally speaking, you need scissors to cut things.
  •  Glue or tape – to sticks different things
  •  Thread – to sew things
  •  Sewing machine – to sew things more difficult to sew
  •  A knife – for accessories
  •  Plastic bags – for the shower caps
  •  CD – for the forehead light
  •  Carton – for accessories, not to be too hard fabric
  •  Elastic – for shower caps and pants
  •  Fabric – for clothes and accessories if you want
  •  Marker – to draw shapes


  1. What type of doctor? - You have to figure out what type of doctor you are: a brain surgeon, a plastic surgeon, a general practitioner or a heart doctor. What do you like cutting up best and make your doctor costume as real as possible. You must be a competent doctor on Halloween.
  2. How to make the shower caps -

    • You’ve seen shower caps at the pharmacy, the hospital, the hotel or the beauty parlor. They don’t seem so difficult to make, right?
    • In order to make a shower cap, you need a plastic bag, which you cut on the edges, where it is usually glued. It must appear as a long plastic sheet in the end.
    • Then, pick up the pair of scissors and cut a circle in that bag, a circle that would cover half the size of your head. In fact, in the end, it will have to cover your hair and your ears, so estimate it right.
    • After you cut the round shape, go with an elastic band all around the margins.
    • The margins of the round shape will have to cover the elastic, so bend them, after which take the thread and sew the margins of the plastic shape. In the end, sew the ends of the elastic band together and you should get the shower cap.
  3. Let there be some light -
    • Buy a CD from the stationer’s, because you cannot make one with the same effect as the original one and look for some elastic band that could go all around your head easily, even if it is shorter.
    • Then, stick the CD onto the band with some glue.
    • In the end, you have to match the elastic in such a way that that it is not too loose for your forehead.
    • Now, give it some air to dry up! That will make that weird lamp doctors always have on their forehead.
  4. Lab coats (hard part) - You must wear doctor clothes if you are making a doctor costume, so that would be some lab or surgical coats. For that, you need white or green fabric; hospital-like fabric.
    • Measure yourself to get everything right and not look like a ghost in the end. If not, draw your shape a little bigger on the cloth and then you will get a picture. Before you do that, wrap the cloth in half so that you get both the front and the back at the same time and not work twice.
    • Use the scissors to cut around that shape you made with the marker.
    • Your lab coats should go down to your ankles or knees, so do not cut it too short. Also, long or short sleeves? What do you prefer?
    • Go to the sewing machine and sew the front and back together in order for you to be able to put it on.
    • Now, would you like buttons or no buttons? If no buttons, you’re done with the upper part. If yes buttons, then cut the front top to bottom, take some buttons and sew them on the right side. On the left side, cut some holes where they should go.
    • Now, you’re one dressed up doctor. Almost!
  5. You need pants, too - You cannot wear only the coat. You also need pants, so check for some pajamas and how they are made. In fact, they are made just the way the upper part is made. The only difference is that you need to put an elastic band around the waist, so that they stay on, but that should not be a problem either, because you have just made some shower caps.
  6. Shoe caps -
    • Did you make some extra shower caps? It is time for the doctor costume to be completed with the “sterile shoes,” so just pop those sassy things on.
    • Have you already forgotten how? Check out step number 2.
  7. Accessory time - What kind of doctor would you be if you did not examine and treat your patients? Go get your stethoscope, your hammer, your saw and bones, and see what symptoms your patients have and what is wrong with them.
    • How do you make your stethoscope? You take the knife and some scissors and cut a 12 to 16 inch piece of hose, with rounded margins.
    • Then, you take a funnel, a little one, which goes on the end of the hose. You seal the funnel now with glue or with clay.
    • That is practically all the new stuff. You just do the same with the other funnel and the other part of the hose.
    • What about your hammer? You must have a carton. Cut a rectangle from the carton.
    • You need to get a cylinder, so take the glue and stick together the ends of the rectangle. There you go!
    • From the rest of the carton, you need two round shapes, like two little caps, which will go at the empty ends of the newly obtained cylinder. Of course, first you cut it a little bigger, so that you can glue them properly at the ends.
    • Next, you have to make a hole on a long side of the cylinder, but not bigger than the ends of the tube, because then you put the tube into that hole.
    • Tape the new hammer all around for it not to break.
    • Also, you can wrap it up in fabric if you want, which you already know how to do. So, what are you waiting for? You have your hammer with which to check out your patients’ reflexes.
    • Do you want to look more sadistic and so you would fancy a bone? Just follow the same steps as in the case of the hammer, but remember to replace the cylinder with two round shapes, one side and the other of the central tube. Simple as that!

You must admit that making a doctor costume for the Halloween party is fun. In fact, you can make it even funnier if you do not like something about it, so think a little about what else it misses to be the perfect doctor costume you want.

Good luck with your surgeries, Doctor!

Making your own doctor costume is not only a great Halloween activity, but also a simple and cheap way to get away form the shopping madness. However, some of us prefer to surf the net or hit the stores for Halloween costumes; the ones eager to get that professional medical look just pick their costumes from .

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