How To Make a Halloween Swag

Making your own Halloween swag for the door or the mantelpiece provides a chance to create a lasting family tradition as well as fun for the family. A Halloween swag is easy to make in a few steps, and with little expense.

  1. Decide on your theme, taking the general decor of your home into consideration. Can your decorating style be described as "country", or is it more formal? What about your personal values? Do you want to celebrate Halloween, or do you prefer to celebrate the harvest season?
  2. Find a base for your Halloween swag. You can use a twig base from an old wreath, cut apart, or you can gather your own twigs, corn husks or straw. Tie them together with twine, thin wire or fishing line, forming a loop for hanging. The swag can be horizontal or vertical, but it is not round like a wreath.
  3. Wrap a strip of wide ribbon or cloth, in appropriate fall or Halloween colors, around your swag. Glue at the back with a hot glue gun. You might add a bow for a country touch.
  4. Hang your swag from its designated nail or hook, so that you can see how it will look in use as you work.
  5. The dollar store or craft store will have lots of items in your theme for very little money. Pick up skulls, spiders, spider webs, bats, or jack-o-lanterns in various sizes to glue to your Halloween swag. How about a larger plastic spider or jack-o-lantern for an accent piece?
  6. If you have small children, you can set them to work making items for your Halloween swag. Construction paper spiders in the shape of tiny hands are precious and fun. Add natural items, such as pine cones, acorns, small pumpkins, gourds, squashes or ears of colorful corn.
  7. A fun way to personalize your Halloween swag is use Halloween candy as the theme. Use ribbon to reflect the colors of your candy corn-themed swag, and glue or tape small clear bags of candy corn or other Halloween treats to your swag for trick-or-treaters to collect on their rounds!

You might find that making a Halloween swag is so easy and fun that you will want to make some as gifts. Your Halloween swag can become an heirloom that you use every year, or the annual creation of the swag can become a treasured family tradition. Either way, have fun!


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