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It is not hard to make your own mad scientist Halloween costume in a low cost manner. When you think of a mad scientist think of some of those movies you watched when you were younger, or even comic book characters. Let your imagination run mad with costume ideas! Making your own ensures it will be unique, no worries about showing up at the party looking like somebody else. You can find props and Halloween costumes at stores and online, but with the tips below, you'll be able to make your own with materials from home. Here's how to make your own costume of a mad scientist.

The first thing you need for your costume is a lab coat of some kind. If you are lucky you may be able to find one at a thrift store or 2nd hand store. If not, then you shouldn't have any trouble finding one at a  costume store. If all else fails a thin, short house coat will work.

To add more of a scientist look, a pair of brown, black or better yet plaid dress pants would be ideal. You will also need a short or long sleeve button up shirt to wear under the coat. Black or brown dress shoes would work, or if you want to be really quirky tennis shoes with one untied,  would really add to your mad look.

Now that you have your outfit it is time to accessorize. Black thick rimmed glasses that are a little too big for your face are a must. They can either be clear or you can even remove the lenses if necessary. Use duct tape or white masking tape and tape the middle nose piece. If your lab coat has a place for a front pocket protector that is perfect. Add a couple of pens or calculator to it.

Your hair needs to be as crazy, and outrageous as possible. The classic mad scientist has a look that resembles somebody that has stuck their finger in a light socket. If you have longer hair, do your best with as much hair gel or mousse as possible to get it to stand on end. Short hair styles can use mousse or gel to get their hair as messy as possible. A final touch of either a gray or white hair spray will complete your look.

Don't forget to walk around your Halloween party with jerky movements and sound as crazy as possible. Recite math equations or scientific mumbo jumbo to really throw your friends!


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