How To Make a Witch's Nose

What would Halloween be without a witch costume? It is as much a part of this holiday, as it is a part of The Wizard of Oz. The reality is, you need to have one to enhance the other. Making a nose for a witch costume does not have to be an overly time consuming or expensive endeavor. Chances are pretty good that most of what you need, is already in your home or at a discount store near you.

The basis of the foundation of the witch's nose will be regular kitchen aluminum foil. It is easy to mold into the size and shape that you desire. Try it a few different ways until you achieve the look you are after. Just pull and tear off a nice size piece of foil and bend and shape it, twist and turn it, until you have the desired results. Now place your creation against the real nose of the soon-to-be witch. Make sure it fits her face comfortably, not obstructing vision or breathing.  Please make sure her nostrils are not covered; the witch costume nose should fit over or as an extension of her real nose, not obstruct it.

The second step is to find some tape, preferably masking tape, which you will now use to tape all around your witch's nose. This creates a solid, sturdy nose and one that can be further decorated. Decide on a color (usually some shade of green, one that will match your witch's face makeup), for your witch's nose. Using non-toxic paint cover the witch costume nose completely and then let it dry. When the nose is totally dry, you can add any embellishment you like. Perhaps, you want to attach a wart to the nose. This can be done with either a dot of paint in a different color or, for 3-D grossness, you can place a wart made from painted paper or another small round object, even candy, to the nose.  Plain white glue should be adequate for adhering the wart.

The best way to make sure your witch nose stays in place is to get hold of some elastic; just like a party hat or other animal nose mask, simply attach the elastic band onto your completed nose, make any final adjustments, grab your broom and go! It is also a good idea to create more than one witch nose and to bring the extra nose along in case the first one gets damaged in any way.

Well, there you have it. A fun and easy way to create a unique nose you can call your own. Have a great time and don't forget the cat!


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