How To Make a Zorro Costume

Halloween is the one of the most awaited holidays every year. People of all ages make or buy costumes just to wear it for a night. One of the most popular costumes is the Zorro costume. If you want to be Zorro on Halloween or for a costume party, you can easily make your own costume. You do not need to purchase a lot of items in making this costume and this will save you lots of money.

Here are the steps on how you can make your own Zorro costume:

  1. Materials. For the Zorro costume, you will need black pants, black shirt, black belt, black mask, black hat, black cape black boots, black gloves and a fake sword. You do not need to work on most of these items but you have to modify a few of them.
  2. Shirt and pants. If you want to look like the real Zorro, you will need tight pants. You can look for shiny ones to add more authenticity to your look. For the shirt, choose something a bit tight fitting. Find a collared, long-sleeved shirt to look more like Zorro. Make sure that you try to fit the pants and the shirt to see if they look good together.
  3. Mask. The most important aspect of the Zorro costume is the mask. What you can do to make the mask is to get a black scarf or a black cloth. First, tie the scarf over your eyes so that you can see exactly where you will cut the eye holes. Cut the eye holes and just tie the black cloth or scarf at the back of your head.
  4. Cape. This is another important thing for the Zorro costume. Purchase a black cloth that you can use as a cape. Make sure that you have enough material to make an ankle-length cape. Just cut up the black cloth in the shape of a cape and sew on material on one end so that you can tie the cape on your neck.
  5. Boots and belt. For the boots, you can wear knee high boots. If not, any black pair of boots will do. You will have to tuck in your shirt inside your pants so that the belt will show. Make sure that your belt is plain black.
  6. Sword. You can purchase a silver toy sword from the toy store. You can also make your own sword. Just use a long piece of wood and wrap aluminum foil around it to make it silver.

These are the things that you must do so that you can have a Zorro costume for Halloween. To make it easier for you, you can download a picture of Zorro from the Internet and use it as an inspiration. A Zorro costume is only one of the costumes that you can make by yourself. You can also make a bunny costume, a Superman costume or any other costume that you like.


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