How To Make Chinese Paper Flowers

Paper flowers

Chinese people celebrate their Chinese New Year with a bang. They use fireworks and colorful decorations for their display. One of the decorations the Chinese use is a colorful flower. They decorate their homes with bright flowers that will contribute to the festive mood. If you wish to celebrate the tradition but you don’t have fresh flowers, improvise and be creative. Make Chinese paper flowers. These are flowers made out of colorful paper materials. These are great for celebrations or events that need flowers that don’t wilt. Paper flowers are also used in plays that require a flowery scene.

Check out the simple steps on how to make Chinese paper flowers:

  1. Choose the colors. Select which colors you like for the flowers. You can make flowers with a single color. You can also choose to use different colors for a more attractive look. Crepe papers are available in different colors. Choose from the brightest to the darkest shades.
  2. Purchase the paper. Buy rolls of crepe papers according to your chosen colors. Get these papers from the local bookstores.
  3. Cut the paper. Cut the crepe papers into strips. Each strip should be at least 4-5 inches thick. For bigger flowers, cut them in thicker sizes.
  4. Fold the strips. Fold each strip in half, twice. Then fold the crepe paper on itself for the last time. This is in preparation for the cutting of the paper into petal shapes.
  5. Cut the strips. Hold the bottom part of the open end of the strip. Cut half-inch slits to create a fringe look. Do the same thing with all of the other strips of crepe paper. Unfold each strip after shaping them. Lay the strips out on a flat surface.
  6. Create the stems. Get one of the thick gauge floral wires. Cut it to your desired length for the stem. Then, wrap it with the floral tape. Do the same with the rest of the wires.
  7. Attach the petals. Put glue on the reverse end of your cut petals. Put just the right amount to prevent soaking the crepe paper. Then, take one of the glued petals and attach it to the stem. Wrap it around itself again and again until the petal is secured in place. Add more petals until you have created a full flower look.
  8. Create the leaves. Cut leaf shapes from the crepe paper. Glue them along the stems of the paper flowers. Put as many leaves as needed.

Create as many Chinese paper flowers as you like. Make bouquets of it if you like. You can even make bouquets with different flower sizes. You could use different paper materials when making these flowers. Color tissue papers with colored markers, or use art paper. You just need to adjust the thickness of the strips to make bigger or smaller flowers. Gather them in a basket, or put the bouquet in a vase. These paper flowers make great home decorations. Fill the room with colorful flowers without the need to water them. 


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