How To Make Magic Reindeer Food

Help Your Little Ones Attract Santa to Your Home on Christmas Eve!

Christmas is the perfect time to get the whole family together for fun activities like making reindeer food!  

Children instinctively love animals and want to make sure they are treated well, and reindeer are no exception! The following "recipe" will ensure that, along with cookies for Santa, your family will also have a little something tasty to leave for his hard-working reindeer.


  • 1/2 cup regular oats (such as Quaker Oats).
  • 1 Tbsp. clear decorative sugar crystals, 1 Tbsp. red or green decorative sugar crystals, or 1 tsp. glitter.


  1. Mix oats and sugar (or glitter) together in a small zip-top bag.
  2. Print the poem below on a gift tag or slip of paper and staple it to the top of the bag. A decorative ribbon curl or two, taped to the bag, also makes a nice presentation.
  3. On Christmas Eve, let your kids sprinkle their Magic Reindeer food on the lawn to help entice Santa's reindeer. They can then go to sleep, confident in the knowledge that Santa's sleigh will most certainly find its way to their house and that Santa's reindeer will receive a nice reward for their efforts.

Reindeer food poem:

“Sprinkle this in your yard on Christmas Eve night. The light of the moon will make it sparkle bright. As Santa’s reindeer fly and roam, this will guide them to your home!”

Magic reindeer food takes very little effort to prepare, yet it never fails to delight the younger set. Parents and grandparents will surely find themselves on Santa's "Nice" list if they make some this Christmas!



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My sons have all made this fun "treat" at preschool. We have fun memories of sprinkling the reindeer food out to make sure they could find our house!

By Amanda Larson

Wish I could feed one.

By Amin .

If you really want to add to the fun, try creating some fake reindeer tracks. To see what they look like, visit Google images: ... You should be able to make a 'stamping stencil' out of something around the house.

By Kathy Steinemann