How To Make Round Christmas Gift Boxes

Save Money and Make Personal Gift Boxes

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Christmas is the season of giving gifts, which means it is also the season of wrapping paper, gift bags, and gift boxes. Unfortunately, it doesn't take long for store bought packaging to look generic and boring. Not to mention the waste that occurs when, immediately after the gifts are opened, everything is gathered up and thrown in the trash can. Why not make your gift boxes recycled, reusable, worth keeping, and unique. Making round gift boxes is easy and fun.

Step 1

Gather your supplies.

  • round boxes
  • miscellaneous paper (sheet music, dictionaries, saved gift wrap, old books, and newspapers are good sources).
  • spray adhesive
  • hot glue and glue gun
  • buttons, stickers, silk flowers, lace, and other embellishments

Step 2

Prepare your box.

  • Make sure the inside of your box is clean (this is especially important if the box you are using was used as an oatmeal, potato chip or other food container).
  • Cut the paper to the size of the box. Use the spray adhesive to stick it to the side of the box. Make sure to press it firmly down.

Step 3

Decorating your box.

  • After the paper is glued down, embellish your box. Embellishing the box is the fun part,
  • Use hot glue to stick items to the box.
  • Do not forget to decorate the lid of the box.

Step 4

Tips, ideas and suggestions.

  • Collect round boxes through the year. Good boxes are oatmeal, cornmeal, potato chip, tea tins, and beef jerky containers.
  • Smaller round boxes are the perfect size for holding a stack of home-made cookies.
  • A simple and effective way to decorate the box is to wrap trim such as lace or ribbon around the top and bottom edges.
  • If you don't have lace or ribbon to trim the box, make your own. Cut paper with a wavy edge to use as trim on the top and bottom of the box.
  • Old jewelry is a great source for embellishments. Strings of beads can be used as trim, and pendants add a rich feel to the box when glued to the top.
  • Silk flowers are an easy way to dress up the lid and add a touch of freshness to your gift box.
  • Buy supplies at the thrift store it is cheaper and often you will find original and unique things that will add a great deal of personality as well as a personal touch to your boxes. 

Caution: Use spray adhesive in a well-ventilated area. It is flammable and can cause headaches or other bad reactions if inhaled for too long.


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