How To Make Scary Spiders

With the scary season quickly approaching, it's time to decorate and get into the holiday spirit.  Scary spiders are the perfect decoration for the window, desk, refrigerator or wall and are quite easy to make.  The first order of business is to gather your materials for making these scary spiders.

Tools:  You'll need scissors, a ruler, white glue, a pencil and a magic marker.
Materials:  Construction paper (two sheets of black, one sheet of orange), string, and glitter.

Making the body of your scary spider

1.  On the black construction paper, draw a circle with a diameter of 6 inches.  The circle does not have to be perfect, but should be as close as possible.

2.  Cut out the large circle.

3.  Use the first cut-out to trace a second circle on the other piece of black construction paper.  Cut out and set aside both.

Making the head and legs of the scary spider

4.  On the orange construction paper, draw a circle with a diameter of two inches.  Cut this out and set aside.

5.  With the remaining orange paper, cut out eight legs.  Each should be the length of the remaining paper, cut in a very wide "vee" pattern to represent the bend of the legs.  Set these aside.

Building the scary spider

6.  Pull out the two large black circles and place one on top of the other.  Cut a single slit, right from the edge to exactly the center of the circle (Note:  Do not cut all the way through).

7.  Separate the two circles.  Grab hold of one circle right at the edge of the slit.  Pull together the ends and overlap each about 3/4 of an inch.  The purpose to create a flat cone to give the scary spider body some shape.  Dab the edge with white glue (or staple).  Repeat this for the second black circle.

8.  Glue the head and legs to the backside of one of the black body pieces.  Be sure that the head sticks out far enough and that the legs are next to each other.  Play with the look and positioning of the legs until you are satisfied that your spider looks scary.

9.  Glue the other black body piece to the main body back-to-back.

10.  Attach the string to the body piece so that you can hang your scary spider from the nearest window.

11.  Using glue, glitter and markers, decorate your scary spider.  Make sure to include eyeballs and sinister stripes to complete your look.


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