How To Make Thanksgiving Place Card Holders

Pumpkins with sunflowers
You've got the whole family coming over for dinner and you want your Thanksgiving table to look top-notch. Along with a beautiful centerpiece and your best china, put out some place card holders for each guest to add just the right personal touch. Here are a few suggestions on how you can make your own place card holders this Thanksgiving.

Step 1

Make apple card holders. Your guests will love this whimsical twist to place card holders this Thanksgiving! Simply take a firm apple and cut a slit into the top of it. It only needs to be wide enough to slip a card into. Try to angle to slice backward just a bit so that the place card will be easier for guests to read. Then just slip in a name card made on beautifully colored cardboard and your Thanksgiving place card holder is complete.

If you don't want to use apples, you could also use small pumpkins or gourds to achieve the same harvest feel with your place card holders.

Step 2

Create a pinecone place card holder. Your Thanksgiving place card holders don't need to be expensive. You can easily make up a ton of them using materials you can find free around your house or property. Gather up some pinecones and hot glue a name card to each one. If you have the time, first spray-paint the pinecone in fall colors (red, orange, or gold). Some glitter might look great too, as long as you don't go overboard. Allow your pinecones to dry, and then set them at the top of each of your Thanksgiving place settings.

If you're really creative, you can take this idea one step further. Turn a pinecone into the body of a turkey. Then use pipe cleaners, construction paper and feathers to create a tiny turkey. Glue each guest's name around the neck of each turkey, or have each tail feather be one letter of the guest's name. This creative Thanksgiving place card holder will definitely get the conversations rolling.

Step 3

Bring the outdoors indoors. Another creative Thanksgiving place card holder is a leaf name tag. You can use real leaves or paper ones for this holiday craft. If you're using real leaves, you might want to paint them first (once the leaves themselves have lost some of their moisture). A beautiful gold paint would really make these place card holders unique and attractive. Once they are the color you want them, use a paint pen to write each guest's name on a leaf. Put the leaf place card on the plate of each guest and watch as they're amazed by your creativity this Thanksgiving.

You could also make a practical place card holder. Plant a bulb or a flower in a small terracotta pot. Paint each guest's name on the front of a pot and add a leaf, an acorn or a ribbon to dress up each place card holder. Then let your guests take their Thanksgiving place cards home with them after the meal. Each name tag will double as an inexpensive parting gift for your guests.


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