How To Paint a Pumpkin

Child painting pumpkin

Painting a pumpkin is a fun thing to do and it is a good activity for both kids and grownups. You can encourage your children to paint a pumpkin for Halloween, a playdate, or even just for family fun. Younger children enjoy painting pumpkins and there is no danger that they will cut their fingers or hurt themselves.

You can paint and decorate your pumpkin with the help of craft supplies and your imagination. The painted pumpkins have a longer life as compared to the carved pumpkins.

To paint a pumpkin, follow these instructions:

  • Select a pumpkin. The pumpkin should have smooth and even surface. This makes the painting easy and the pattern looks simply amazing.
  • Select the design you wish to draw. You can help your kids by finding the pattern on the Internet. For example, you can select a scary face, silly face, Halloween character, a cartoon, etc.
  • Ask your kids to wear old clothes, so they can enjoy this activity to the fullest and you will not be concerned with ruined clothing.
  • Clean the dirt off the pumpkin by washing the pumpkin.
  • Dry the pumpkin with paper towels. Ensure that the pumpkin is fully dry or the colors will start running.
  • Sketch the pattern on the pumpkin with the help of a pencil or the colored pens.
  • Spread either newspaper or an old cloth on the table or painting surface before your kids start painting.
  • Start painting your pumpkin either with oil paint, water colors, or acrylic colors.
  • Use one color on the pumpkin, and allow it to dry. After drying, you should add other colors one at a time after drying. This will prevent the colors from running and mixing. Hence the painting does not get spoiled.

In case you are using light colors, you may need to apply several coats of that color. You should allow the colors of the pumpkin to dry in a well-ventilated space. Encourage your kids to put stickers on the pumpkin after coloring. They can put raffia, hair, and jewelry to decorate the pumpkin.

Ensure that the design you select for the pumpkin is age appropriate for the child. Among the wide variety of colors, you should preferably select acrylic colors. Use brushes of different sizes for fine and thick strokes. You can easily get all the required materials from any hobby shop. After the painting is done, give the final touch to the pumpkin by spraying it with clear acrylic.


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