How To Throw a New Years Eve Party

Once Christmas has passed, the only thing to really look forward to is that huge New Years celebration.  Well how about this year you throw the biggest and best New Years Eve party around?  You won't have to worry about where all your friends will be going, because they will all be attending your big bash. 

Step 1

Find a Place

This is very important.  You want to make sure you have a nice place to entertain all those guests.  Decide how much you want to spend on a place and go from there.  For a cheaper location just have everyone over at your house.  But, remember it might get a little crazy and some things may get broken.  You can also ask your guests to pool some money together and use those funds to find a place for the night.

Step 2


You want make this party look exclusive.  Don't send out invitations by email or phone text message.  Make something nice that people will feel good about getting. 

Step 3


This is a party, not a dinner.  Don't make the mistake of providing a heavy dinner for everyone.  Instead provide some typical hors d'oeuvres and finger foods that people can snack on while they socialize. 

Step 4


The most important part of the party...  You want to make sure you have a wide variety of tastes and drinks.  If you plan on not providing the drinks, make sure you state that on the invitation. 

Step 5


You don't have to provide extra entertainment, but some music would be nice.  You can go as big as hiring a band to just having a radio going, but make sure you have some type of atmosphere where people feel comfortable.  Again this largely depends on what your budget is for the party.

Remember you want this to be THE party to go to, and something people will be talking about for a few days (or years) after. 

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