How To Write a Letter to Santa

Help Your Kids Pen a Letter to Jolly Old St. Nick

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Christmas is a very busy time for Santa Claus, and even though he does his best to make sure he knows what every nice girl and boy wants for Christmas, he loves to receive letters. That way he can be sure the elves are building just the right toys. Kids can change their minds as quickly as Santa's reindeer can fly, so make sure Jolly Old St. Nick knows what your kids want most of all. Just give them the instructions below to help them create a letter to Santa that will ensure everyone is happy on Christmas morning.

  1. Get in the spirit. Before you start writing your letter, ask your mom, dad or another family member to put on some Christmas music and warm up some hot cocoa or apple cider. You may also want to watch a Christmas movie or video before you start. "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" is a good one because it tells the story of how Santa started delivering toys to all the kids who have been nice.
  2. Gather your materials. You'll need some paper, a pen or pencil, an envelope and a stamp to create your letter.
  3. Start your letter with a greeting or salutation. A salutation is just a very fancy name for the part of the letter that says "Dear Santa." You can also address it to Santa Claus, Father Christmas or St. Nick. Santa has many names, so you can use the one you know.
  4. Ask Santa about his family. When writing a letter, it's polite to ask about the recipient's family. You can ask how Mrs. Claus is doing or how the reindeer and elves are. Or you might also want to inquire how things are coming along for Christmas.
  5. Make sure Santa knows you should be on the Nice list. Every year Santa makes a list and checks it twice to see who's been naughty and nice. Be sure to tell Santa that you've been good this year. You might want to give him some examples of nice things you've done, like listening to your parents, being nice to your brother or sister, or trying hard in school.
  6. NOW you can ask for toys. Now that you've asked Santa how he's doing and let him know that you've been nice, you can ask him for your favorite toys. You don't need to list everything. Three or four toys will do, and be sure they're toys your parents will allow you to have. Santa will only bring things your parents approve of, so don't ask for video games or DVDs or other things that you know your parents won't allow.
  7. Thank Santa. Be sure to end your letter by thanking Santa for bringing you presents. You'll be sure to stay on the Nice list if you are polite.
  8. Add a closing and your signature. Above your signature, you will want to add a closing word or phrase such as "Sincerely" or "Best wishes," or "Your friend." Then sign your name below the closing, fold the letter and put it in the envelope.
  9. Give the envelope to your parent or another adult to send. They will send your letter to the North Pole so Santa knows what you want for Christmas.
  10. Be on your best behavior and go to bed early on Christmas Eve! Santa is very busy on Christmas and doesn't have time to chat at each house, so be sure to go to bed early on Christmas so he can leave your presents!


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Well done, Lisa ! Children will love to write such a letter to Santa.

By Waheedullah Aleko

Lisa, I like the etiquette and teaching politeness. Also it's important for kids to be thankful. (Tip: some sentences are geared towards parents, others towards kids; make it consistent throughout.)

By Riley Klein

I agree ... what a great way to add good manners to letter writing!

By Amanda Larson

Nice suggestions -- I like that you give kids some basic instruction on writing a proper letter! :O)

By Elizabeth Grace