How To Make Halloween Costumes

Each year, Halloween creeps around the corner and everyone is frantically trying to find the coolest and scariest costume at the local costume shops. Instead of going along with everyone else, and spending all of that unnecessary money, it is a great and easy idea to make your own Halloween costume. These ideas are easy and can often be created from items found around the house. Here's how to make your child a Halloween costume that can be the hit of the Halloween parties and neighborhood!

If your child likes ghost stories, making a ghost costume is often the easiest choice. Find a white bed sheet you're not using. If you are making this costume for a child, bring her in and put the sheet over her head. Do not hold it tightly at all.  Taking a dull pencil, find your child's eyes. Use the pencil to trace a very light circle over both eyes. Then do the same for her mouth. Take the sheet off your child, and use a pair of scissors to cut the openings for the eyes and mouth. Note: It may be a good idea to cut gaps for your child’s arms, and have her wear a white long sleeved shirt. This will give her a lot more flexibility.

If you are going for a more unique costume, then one you surely will not find any other child wearing is your very own recycling bin. First, grab your recycling bin, and find a spot outside or in the garage. Empty out the contents of the recycling bin and scrub it out. Have your child wear a long sleeved shirt and pants that can get messy. Grab some masking or duct tape. Tape a few newspapers and other recyclable items to your child's clothing. Arrange these in an interesting fashion, so the costume will catch everyone's eyes. If you really want to go a little wild and crazy, when you and your child go trick-or-treating, take the actual recycling bin. After you ring the doorbell of the house, have him sit or stand in it. This will get all of your neighbors laughing, and it's creative and fun.

There are many other great costumes you can make just from items around the house, instead of having to spend lots of your hard-earned money. Good luck, and be creative!


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