Make Halloween Costumes at Home

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When Halloween rolls around, your little ones may be tempted by costumes in the stores that will allow them to be animals, robots, or just about anything they'd like. But if you're on a budget or have several children, Halloween can be a stressful time, money-wise.  You can easily fulfill your children's wishes and save money by taking the time to make homemade Halloween costumes.

One of the most versatile items you can use to make homemade Halloween costumes is a set of solid colored "footie" pajamas. Just have your child put these on, and add a few embellishments or accessories for the costume of your choice. Red pajamas can be turned into a devil costume with the help of felt or paper horns attached to a plain headband and a cloth tail attached to the seat. Black pajamas can become a spider costume if you stuff some old pairs of black pantyhose and sew them to the pajamas for extra legs. Add ears to a headband and a tail to the seat of white, black, or brown pajamas for a cat costume. Make a friendly alien with green pajamas and antennae on a headband.

A simple cardboard box can also be used to make homemade Halloween costumes. Attach straps to the box so your child can wear it over his shoulders. Cover the box with aluminum foil or paint it silver. Draw various dials, buttons, and switches to turn your child into a computer or robot. Paint the box any color you like and draw headlights, taillights, and doors for a car costume. You can even make a NASCAR costume this way, by using your favorite driver's colors and painting his number on the side of the box.

You can also make homemade Halloween costumes from regular clothing. Dress your child in all black and apply the appropriate makeup, and she will become a vampire. Put clothes that are torn and a bit too big on you child for a hobo costume. Complete this look by tying a square cloth onto a long stick for a bag.

As you can see it's relatively easy to make Halloween costumes. Even if you need to purchase makeup or other accessories to complete the costumes, you'll still spend less than if the whole costume was purchased in a store. As a bonus, you and your child can have a lot of fun and spend quality time making the costume together!


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