How To Make Halloween Masks

Time for some Halloween fun!  Here's how to dress up or just don a disguise using a homemade Halloween mask to instantly transform into someone else.  You don't have to drive to that crowded Halloween shop and pay overpriced merchandise for something you'll probably just wear once.  All you need are some creative ideas.

Making Halloween masks provide the simplest, and most inexpensive ways to start your spooky adventure.  You can make that Halloween mask using paper and a printer or do something totally outrageous.  One way to create an original Halloween mask is by uploading a high resolution, close-up photo of a face, human or otherwise.  Using an image editing program with a cropping tool, crop the image and print mask using thick or heavy stock paper.  Carefully cut the printed image using sharp scissors.  Cut eye holes using an Exacto knife or scissors.  Punch a hole on both sides, and tie a piece of ribbon in each hole.  You can also glue a tongue depressor on the bottom of the mask.

Handmade Halloween eye masks are another option.  Draw a mask in the shape of the number eight, and cut.  Use a pair of glasses to get the right size when making your Halloween mask, and trace on thick paper.  Punch holes on both sides and tie a piece of elastic in each hole.  Use glitter, torn paper, spiders, or cobwebs to make your Halloween mask.

You can also make Halloween masks using egg cartons.  Simply cut an egg carton cup for a nose or eyes.  To create an animal nose, paint the cup to resemble the animal.  Add other decorative touches like whiskers and teeth.  Punch two holes on both sides, and tie a string around it.  You can create bug eyes this way too.

Also, head out to your local craft store when making Halloween masks.  Buy a white, plastic mask, some feathers, beads and glue. Using your creative juices, go wild with abandon when making your Halloween mask.

Looking for something simple yet scary?  Grab a burlap sack, twine and thick thread.  Puncture two eye holes then rip to get that tattered look.  Rip a vertical slit for the mouth.  The more uneven the better.  Roughly stitch the slit using thick thread.  Wear the mask and loosely tie the twine around your neck for that cinched in look.  Make sure the twine is loose.  The last thing you need is a case of claustrophobia when removing the mask.


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