How To Make Halloween Party Food

The great day arrives.. Halloween. Let the fun and games begin. Here's how to make Halloween party food imaginative and delectable. Choose a menu theme. This helps to organize thoughts on types of party foods to serve. Most Halloween party food is served "buffet" style. This is easy on the host or hostess and guests as well. Paint an entire Halloween scene by simply placing foods in an easily identifiable arrangement on the serving table. Or, use smaller "grouped" tables with designated foods for each table.

Halloween Party Food for Children
For children's menus, make Halloween party food that is relatively popular cuisine. Children like foods that are within easy reach and just as simple to manage. This means decorative finger sandwiches, lots of crudites with colorful dips and "ghoulish" desserts. Kids like unusual libations - a bloody red fruit punch with gummy bugs embedded in their ice cubes or an eerie green lime punch with additional green food color to "enhance" the eerie glow. Instead of the same old candy apples, make "Monster" apples. Dip apples in melted chocolate and add monster faces made from marshmallow and other candies. Use black licorice strings for hair.

Halloween Party Food for Adults
Creating the right cuisine for older teens and adult Halloween parties has a bit more leverage than for children. Make hor d'oeuvres look simply spooky. Pentagram Pizzas are a concoction made from ordinary English muffins slathered with tomato sauce and mozzarella and finished with a black olive or anchovy Pentagram. Or, try "Bat Wing Baguettes." Cut small hero sandwich rolls in half and slit on the narrow edge. Toast on both sides and spread with mayo and slices of Swiss Cheese. Then, broil the topping lightly.

On the buffet table, offer a black kettle filled with a thick "Hobo" stew. Or, fill a pumpkin with grey squash bisque. Purchase a five foot long bread baguette (or longer, depending on the number of guests) to make a Sandwich Snake filled with delicious slices of ham, cheese, pickle and other assortments of luncheon meats. Add two "olive" eyes, a black olive nose and a pimento mouth. Then, it's slice and serve to hungry guests. For dessert, what's better than gobs of pistachio ice cream layered between slices of blood red velvet cake? Make adult witches brew with pre-mixed hot cocoa, a dash of chili powder, rum and a small dot of whipped cream topped with chocolate curls.


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