How To Play Halloween Games

Halloween conjures up eerie visions.  It is a favorite part of the fall season for many people around the world.  For some, Halloween has a religious connotation.  For others, it is merely a day of fun and entertainment in a world of ghouls, ghosts, goblins and witches.  The desire to play Halloween games is a staple of any Halloween celebration.  Adults and children love to play Halloween games with equal enthusiasm.  For hosts of Halloween parties, choosing the right games is the key to success.

Play Halloween Games For a Memorable Celebration

Choosing Halloween games takes a little research.  One Halloween game children love to play is bobbing for apples.  This is an old game that never loses popularity with children.  It's simple to do: use a stainless steel tub filled three-quarters with water and apples bobbing their red, green and yellow heads as children struggle to pluck them from the water using their mouths. 

Children also love games with a bit of mystery.  Use large, pre-drawn puzzle pieces on a cork board to create Halloween icons the children can piece together to form a spooky Halloween picture.  For older teens, use a detective theme: take them to an old cemetery where they can find names on headstones which create clues. When they return to home base (which can be a local pizzeria), they simply figure out what the mystery message is by combining all of the "clues".  Offer a prize to the team with the most clues or that solves the puzzle. 

Another way to hold the attention of older children is to show an old horror movie in black and white on a VCR, give them pad and paper and have them try to find as many clues in the movie as possible around a defined mystery or theme.

Scavenger Hunts

One fun way in how to play Halloween games is a scavenger hunt.  There are many subjects and themes that are useful for scavenger hunts.  However, these are best played by older teens and adults.  They can be given a wider range of "territory" to hunt for clues.  Younger children can play Halloween games similar to scavenger hunts as long as they are confined to a smaller, protected area of search. The only object to scavenger hunt games is to provide a list of 10 items to be found by teams in designated areas. Check with local libraries and museums as sites you can use as interesting scavenger hunt areas.


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