How To Do Scary Halloween Make-Up

Halloween has always been fun, whether it be trick or treating, putting on scary make-up and dressing fancy. Exploring all the possible costumes or simply having fun with the mix matching attired have been part of this yearly occasion.

There are many different ways to dress up for the Halloween, also a dozen more ways to look scary. There are costume prosthetics and make-up. It seems conventional for Halloween participants to dress up as monsters, having the closest resemblance to their "dark self" so to speak. If you want to look really scary, you should use make-up to copy the characters in the Hollywood box-office hit movie VanHelsing: Count Dracula and the Werewolf. Choosing either's make-up would probably create an impact. You may choose to be the established and well-known champion of the underworld Count Dracula or the equally menacing under-dog, the Werewolf, that gives out an equally appealing stage presence.

First, you should dwell into the dark and sinister world of the Count. To look and dress like Dracula, start with the face since it is the first thing people look at when they see you. Splashing on some white face powder or foundation would do the trick for giving your face that pale look. Dracula has never been out to enjoy the sun ever since he was born. Therefore, to be able to get that Dracula image you will have to look as pale as possible. Since Dracula was a night dweller you have to create those dark round shades around his eyes. To be able to look this way you need to use some eye shadow for the dark shades around the eyes and some eyeliner to add a couple more details. Then apply some dark red lipstick on your lips and smudge them up a little. You may choose to make it look like you've just had your last victim by putting blood stain effects or you may choose to make it look neat. Lastly put on the fake fangs. That is just about it. Put on a cape and some styling gel on your hair and you are ready to go.

Now for Dracula's most feared enemy known as the vampire slayer, "the Werewolf man." Werewolves are half man, half wolf. Here you will need some prosthetics that you could find at your nearest costume shop. These prosthetic appliances are available as a set. In addition, they are easy to put on. You may use some "spirit gum" to help hold the appliances in place. "Spirit gums" are used when putting on the nose and hairs. Please avoid putting any on the appliance that you will be putting on your forehead. Doing so may cause some damage to your eyebrow when you pull it off. 


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