How To Throw New Year's Parties

It's that time again, when one thing is ending and another is beginning. After a long year, everyone you know is ready to relieve themselves of the past and renew their lives. What better way to celebrate this than by throwing New Year's parties?  So, here's how to let the countdown to your party begin.

Decide the Type of Party You Want to Throw

When most people think of News Year's parties, they think of the wild, party-hard-till-the-ball-drops bashes. However, you can determine the mood of your party so it best suits you and those on your guest list. Do you like to dance, have fun and possibly not recall your evening? Then throw a New Year's Eve party and keep the fun coming till 12 AM or later. Not much of a party animal? Consider a New Year's Eve dinner or New Year's day brunch for a lighter, social celebration.

Make a "Past Year Playlist"

What's a party without a little music? Tally up the top hits of the year you are bidding farewell to, depending on your preferred musical genres. Check the billboards for the best in mainstream music, and for a social get together go with something instrumental, like Kenny G's saxophone rendition of Auld Lang Syne, or jazz. Keeping the playlist calm will avoid interrupting the conversations. Don't forget Prince and The Revolution's "1999", it's still a classic.

Play New Year's Themed Games

Games are a great way to break the ice. This New Year's party game is sure to do just that. Pre- party, write life-related categories on small pieces of paper. For example: Relationships, Careers, Family life, etc. Place the papers in a bowl and have everyone pick one. They must then recite a resolution for the department of their life they picked out. Another fun game for New Year's parties is "Beat the Ball". Make a papier mache piñata of the infamous dropping ball (this is very simple; check online for tips, then decorate with black and silver shimmer paint and fill with confetti and treats). Be sure to let everyone get a swing.

Send Thank You Cards

Make New Year's themed thank you cards. Cut card stock circles and decorate with glitter glue. Be sure to wish your partygoers a wonderful year. It's the final act of a great host, and no one will be able to wait until your next party, next year.


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