Home & Garden

Many people find joy and a sense of accomplishment in working around their home and garden, fixing things up, and using their hands to get things done. We understand that kind of creativity and do-it-yourself attitude, thus, we developed a whole section of tips to keep your home and garden looking their best.

Time to remodel your bathroom or kitchen? What about that spare bedroom that's filled with clutter, or the back deck? If you’re looking to have some home renovations, that is what our building & remodeling category is for. Our guides will reveal all you need to know about the necessary tools and building materials.

At the same time, we also offer advice on everyday repairs and housekeeping, all of which are considerate of your budget and your back. Get rid of pests indoors and outdoors. Remove odors that linger unpleasantly. Cleaning your wood floors and carpeting will be easier with our advice. You’ll definitely sleep better knowing that everything is clean and working properly.

Want to redecorate? Our interior design writers will share fresh ideas here, ensuring that you get the best blend of chic and cozy.

For those gifted with a green thumb, and for all you frustrated gardeners too, we’ll recommend garden tools and products to better care for your plants. We’ll assist you with the organic gardening. Whether you want a thriving vegetable garden, a fruit tree or a flower bed, we’re here to help.

Rest assured that in this section, we’ll teach you everything there is to know on keeping your home and garden in pristine condition.