How To Dry Flowers

Drying flowers is a favorite pastime of many gardeners. It is one way to enjoy the fruits of your labor all year long. There are three popular flower drying methods.

Hang Drying

  1. Look at your flower's stalk and decide which leaves you would like to remove. Some people prefer to have few leaves, while others like the full appearance that leaves can bring to a dried flower arrangement.
  2. Arrange your flowers in the manner you want them to dry and bind them together with an elastic band. You should avoid tying your flowers up with string or ribbon. String and ribbon will not contract around the flowers as they dry and your flowers may come loose and fall out.
  3. Hang flowers in a well-ventilated area that is out of direct sunlight. It is not necessary to dry flowers in the dark, but you should keep them away from large windows.

Flat Drying

  1. Place your flowers and grasses in a shoe box or other cardboard box. Flat drying is also a good way to dry out any mosses or seed pods that you want to preserve.
  2. Close the box and place in a well-ventilated area that is out of direct sunlight. You should keep the box out of direct sunlight is to keep it from becoming hot and steamy inside. Boxes are also easy to store away. You can place them under your bed or on top of a closet shelf.

Upright Drying

  1. Decide what kind of container/vase you would like to preserve your flowers in. This can be an elegant crystal vase, or simply an old coffee can.
  2. Arrange your flowers in the manner you want them preserved in the arrangement. While you can arrange your flowers later, it is a good idea to have your flowers generally where you want them to remain.
  3. Do not pack the arrangement too tight. If you do, your flowers may become mashed or entangled.

Strengthen Your Flowers As They Dry

  • Keep drying flowers misted with water.
  • Once the flowers have completely dried out, you should apply an aerosol floral sealer to them.

When to Cut Flowers for Drying

  • Flowers should be cut when they come into full bloom. However, you can cut flower buds and dry them, if you prefer to work with them over full blooms.
  • Wait until the afternoon to cut your flowers. Doing so will ensure that the flower is completely open and free of moisture.


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