How To Grow Eggplant

Eggplant on the vine

The modern varieties of eggplant will develop upright bushes that have large, furry leaves and hard, stiff stems. Eggplants will grow from one to four feet tall, depending upon the variety that you are planting and your growing area. Eggplant comes in many sizes and shapes - from large and plump to slender and long. Asian varieties include colors of yellow, green and purplish red. Domestic varieties are colored purple, white, or purple-black.

  1. Eggplant seeds need very warm soil to germinate. Temperatures of 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit are optimal germinating conditions. Eggplant seeds should be started indoors about two months prior to the frost free date in your region.

  2. When growing seeds indoors, you should provide them with adequate light. A fluorescent light works well.

  3. Cold soil can shock eggplant seedlings. how to grow eggplantYou should not place them in your garden until three weeks past the last frost in your area. This will allow the soil time to warm up.

  4. You should plan to plant your eggplants in the sunniest part of your garden. The soil needs to be rich in organic matter and well draining.

  5. You should transplant your eggplants to the garden in the evening. This will help to ease their transition.

  6. Dig your holes about two feet apart. Add a small amount of well-rotted organic matter such as manure or compost to the planting holes. Set your plants.

  7. Cover them with upside down buckets to keep off the wind and cold. You can remove the buckets during the day if the weather is sunny and warm. You should be able to discard the buckets permanently after two weeks.

  8. Tall varieties will need to be staked as they grow. This will keep them off the ground and decrease rot and disease.

  9. You should water your eggplants weekly. Eggplants need an inch of water each week. Be mindful of the rainfall in your area and water accordingly.

  10. You can fertilize your eggplants monthly with a powder or liquid fertilizer.

  11. You should pinch off the blossoms about three weeks prior to the first expected frost in your area.

  12. Cultivate the soil lightly to keep weeds at bay.

  13. Harvest your eggplants until the fruits are no longer glossy. When they turn brown and hard, they are no longer tasty.


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