How To Grow Herbs Indoors

  1. Light

    • Herbs grow best when they are placed on south facing windowsills. For windowsills that do not face south, you should turn your herb containers so they will receive even lighting. If you want to improve the growth of your indoor potted herbs, you should invest in special growing lights or fluorescent lights. The lights should be placed about eight inches above small herbs and fifteen inches above large herbs.
  2. Water and Feeding
    • You should add a good compost to your herb soil before planting. You should make sure that all the containers that hold your herbs can drain. Check your pots to see if the soil is dry. If the soil is dry, you should water your herbs. It is best if you water your herbs in the morning. This will allow any excess moisture to evaporate before evening. Be mindful that you do not over-water your herbs. This can led to root-rot fungus. To improve the drainage of your soil, you can add perlite or sharp sand.
    • You should feed your herbs once every ten days with a weak fertilizer during the spring and summer months. During the winter months you should reduce their feeding to every four weeks and you should only use half of the fertilizer dosage.
  3. Temperature
    • Herbs are at their best when the air temperature is between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Herb Tips

    • You should purchase your herb seeds from a reputable garden center. Be sure to check the date on the seed packet to make sure they are still viable.
    • If you are buying plants, do not purchase unhealthy or spindly ones.
    • You can buy slow release pellets that will keep your herb soil full of nutrients through the winter months.
    • Basil : This herb grows best when it is placed in the sunniest positions. To get long life out of this herb, you should prevent it from flowering.
    • Bay : This herb likes to grow in large pots. It prefers filtered sun, a cool growing place and rich soil.
    • Chives : You can bring this herb in from your garden. Keep it well watered and fed.
    • Mint : This herb enjoys moist, cool soil and cannot tolerate the hot midday sun.
    • Parsley : This herb grows best when it is in a room with an air temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Tarragon : This herb likes full sun.
    • Thyme : This herb likes full light and you should not over-water.


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