How To Buy Garden Hoses

Green garden hose

Any home owner that has a yard will most likely want to have a garden hose as one of their home maintenance accessories. In fact, if your yard has a flower or vegetable garden - or just plain grass - a garden hose is a necessity. Here are some tips on how to buy a garden hose:

  1. Determine your needs. There are three things to be aware of when buying a garden hose: the hose diameter, length, and quality. These three components will dictate the price you pay. Ask yourself a few questions before you go shopping for a hose. Do you need a hose that will run the entire length of your yard? Will you be using the hose on a daily basis for watering flowers or shrubbery? Do you have more than one outdoor water spigot?
  2. Hose diameter. The majority of hoses are sold with a hose diameter of either 5/8 inch or 3/4 inch. What's the difference, you ask? Flow - measured in gallons per minute. The 5/8 inch diameter is the most common size sold and is quite sufficient for most yard applications. The 3/4 inch hose is often used by contactors who are looking for a little more bang for their buck.
  3. Hose length. Always consider hose length when you are out shopping for a hose. The most common lengths available are 50 feet, 75 feet and 100 ft. However, for those who only need a short run of hose, you have the option to purchase a 15 foot long hose made from remnant materials.
  4. Hose quality. It is important to consider how well a garden hose is constructed, as well as the material used in the hose. Options available are light duty reinforced hose, 4 ply medium duty reinforced rubber vinyl, 5 ply heavy duty hose with a lifetime warranty, and the ultra popular "Never Kink - Self Straightening" hose. Also available are specialty hoses such as "Contractor" hoses - used by yes, contractors, and soaker hoses, which are made from recycled tires. The soaker hoses have numerous small holes that allow water to slowly trickle out to water lawns in a gradual manner.
  5. Price. The price you pay for garden hose is directly related to the combination of its characteristics. A light duty 5/8 inch diameter in a 50 foot length costs around $7.00. The same hose with medium duty construction sells for around double the price, while a heavy duty version sells for about $20.00.

    In the 100 foot length, the 4 ply reinforced rubber vinyl hose sells for about $25.00 and the better 5 ply version goes for around $35.00. The "Never Kink - Self Straightening" hose is a premium hose with a premium price of around $43.00. Of course these prices will vary depending upon where you go to purchase your hose and, as always, you should shop around to get the best price.

  6. Hose warranties. One final thing to consider when buying a garden hose is the warranty. You will find that the cheaper hose will usually have a 5 year warranty, whereas the high dollar hoses will carry a lifetime warranty. As always, read the fine print as to what is actually covered. Happy hosing!


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