How To Decorate a Garden

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It is inherently rewarding to have a vegetable, flower and/or herb garden:  The garden can be a real sanctuary for the gardener. But perhaps you want even more out of your garden.  Personal taste dictates how you start decorating a garden. You may want to add color or perhaps you relish statues or a certain style of art. Of course personal taste will help you decide how to decorate your garden, but here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Garden Flags and Banners: Garden flags add a decorative flair to any part of the garden. Garden flags come in many sizes, from small flags you place in between rows and around beds, to banner size flags that announce the entrance to a garden area.

    You have two main options with garden flags. You can buy garden flags at any home and garden store, greenhouse, department chain store, or in the home and garden section of some grocery stores. You can also make your own garden flags. Buy some heavy weatherproof material to make the flag. Burlap is recommended as it is weatherproof and heavy enough to withstand heavy rain and winds. Decorate the flag with waterproof paints, such as oil paints or markers that are permanent.  You can also buy a sealant that helps protect the garden flag from weathering. Ask your local hobby shop for ideas and paint tips for outside use.

    You will also need a pole to hang the garden flag. Some people choose to make their poles from garden stakes, tree branches and even regular flag poles. As long as the pole is sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the flag, then it doesn't matter what material the pole is made of.

  2. Garden Signs: Garden signs are much like garden flags and banners and can be designed as such. You will need a piece of wood, something to fix the sign upon (such as a pole or garden stake) and some outdoor wood paint. It helps to know the design you want ahead of time. You can use a charcoal pencil to lightly sketch the design you want and then paint it in. Take a look at the plants in your garden; you can use these garden signs to mark what is in your garden. Perhaps you like flowers and just want a few garden signs in your garden that have flowers on them; it's up to you.  Be sure to give the garden sign a finish coat of sealant to protect it from the water and weather.
  3. Garden Statues and Fountains:  You can find statues and fountains at any home and garden store, greenhouse or department store. Some statues have built-in fountains so they work both ways. Some statues are painted while others are just gray in form and not painted. Placement of the statues is a personal preference but should complement the garden in some way. Perhaps you might think of a theme. Maybe you have a favorite animal and might want to find a statue of that animal. A popular statue is the goose statue. There are even clothes and costumes you can put on the goose for year-round fun.
  4. Garden Containers and Tools: When painting garden containers or tools, use outside weatherproof paint, as with the garden signs and garden flags. Painting your pots to match the garden theme gives your garden a more artistic look and covers up the sometimes boring plain pots. For example, you could paint your herb pots with herbs and flowers to complement the beauty of the herbs growing in the pot.


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