How To Feng Shui a Child's Room

As parents, we want to give our children all the advantages that we can. Feng Shui is a great way to help. Get them involved and teach them Feng Shui, too, and see results for them tenfold. Here are some tips to get you started in your child's room.

  1. If possible, a child's bedroom should be toward the front of the home. This will encourage independence.

  1. Clear out items that your child has outgrown. This includes furniture, toys and clothes. These items can stunt mental and physical development.

  1. The head of your child's bed should be against a stable wall. This will give your child a sense of security. A good place for the bed would be in the children area of the room (right middle wall). This is good for creativity and intellect. Another good place is the corner opposite from the door. This is a power area and will bring good luck. The worst place for the bed would be where the foot of the bed is directly in front of the door. This signifies death and is considered very unlucky.

  1. Green and blue are good colors for a child's room because, while they are calming, they are also cheerful. White is also good, which symbolizes metal. Metal is the element for the children's area of the Bagua (see link).

  1. Bunk beds are very unhealthy for children. They can drain their energy and hurt their mental health. Bunk beds are especially bad for the child on the bottom bunk. If it is impossible to get rid of them, try hanging a faceted crystal over the head of each bed. This will disperse energy that can become stagnant around the beds.

  1. Awards show recognition from others, so hang them in the fame area of the room. Red frames to put the awards in are also positive. Fame is in the middle rear of the room.

  1. Keep television, video games and phones out of their rooms. If possible, have another area for them to use these things. If this is not possible, put them in a cabinet that can close completely. These things can disrupt sleep and mood.

  1. Do not store anything under the bed. While many bins and gadgets are made for this type of storage, if your child is avoiding sleeping in his bed or is not sleeping through the night, this could be the reason.

Feng Shui is a practice that is taught. Maybe if your child realizes the benefits, he will be motivated to keep his room tidy! So make sure your child is involved in the process.


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